Howrah Bridge: Howrah Bridge Is ‘Old’, How Is The Health In Fear Of Breaking The Bridge?: Every day thousands of vehicles travel over this bridge. What is life expectancy? What do the experts say?

Sanjay Pykar and Tannishta Bhandari: ‘Howrah Bridge Chali Mast Se Bichhe…’, is how Ravi Tagore saw it in Chalanta Calcutta’s ‘Dream’. But in reality that ‘Calcutta’ is in ‘Calcutta’, and Howrah Bridge is in Howrah Bridge. Aged, can no longer bear the weight of youth. However, this bridge over the Hooghly river seems to be reluctant to obey the word of greatness. Howrah Bridge is a constant witness of India’s independence from British rule. But age can not be ruled out! Is the riding ability still the same? This question is coming up again after the bridge disaster in Gujarat. If the Morbi cable bridge in Gujarat is much older than Howrah.

Howrah Bridge has been compared with Morbi Cable Bridge because that bridge is also ‘iconic’ and one of the centers of attraction like Howrah. And every day thousands of vehicles travel over the Howrah Bridge. So there is fear! However, experts are trusting the infrastructure of this bridge in West Bengal. Like them, nothing to worry about.

Look Back…

Howrah first had a floating bridge. When the ship came it had to be moved. That is the history of 1874. After seeing the lack of traffic, it was decided to build a new bridge. British rule is still going on. In 1906, plans were made to build a new bridge. After many calculations, the work of the new Howrah Bridge began in 1936. During the First and Second World Wars, the work was stopped for some time. Later, in 1943, the Howrah Bridge was opened without any fanfare.

Howrah Bridge Stands Without Any Nut-Bolt

It is a cantilever bridge, i.e. the ‘support’ is on one side of the bridge. There are few such bridges in the world. It has no nut bolts. It was developed with novel technology. There are 39 pairs of hangers. Thousands of alloy steels were used in the construction of the bridge, sourced from Tata Steel. It was the third-longest cantilever bridge in the world at the time of its construction. It is currently the sixth-longest cantilever bridge.

Regular Health Check Howrah Bridge?

Currently, this bridge is maintained by Calcutta Port Trust. Chief Public Relations Officer of Port Trust Sanjay Mukherjee said that the health of Howrah Bridge is regularly checked. There is a team of engineers who maintain this bridge. He also said that the help of IIT Kharagpur was taken in this regard.

What Is The Comparison Between Morbi Bridge And Howrah Bridge?

Tramline has already been removed from Howrah Bridge. This is done as a precautionary measure. Then how is ‘Rabindra Setu’? Parthapratim Biswas, a professor of construction engineering at Jadavpur University, claims that there is no chance of danger for now, but more caution is needed in the future. However, he thinks that it is better not to compare Morbi Bridge with Howrah Bridge. Because the technology on which the Howrah Bridge is built is much more advanced, much more modern. He also said that regular health checks should be done, if something is caught it needs to be repaired immediately. He noted that since heavy vehicles do not pass over the bridge, the stress on the components is also reduced. As a result, you can travel safely for now.

Howrah Bridge Is Not Being Maintained?

Parthapratim Biswas, professor of construction engineering at Jadavpur University, says that the Howrah Bridge has matured even though it is not old in terms of age. However, he is talking about trusting the quality of steel. He mentioned that the capacity of steel is very high. And high-quality steel was used in Howrah Bridge at that time, so there is less chance of rusting. As a result, there is no need to reduce the load-carrying capacity yet, he said.

30 years ago, the tram line was removed from Howrah Bridge. At present, there is also a ban on the passage of very heavy vehicles. Buses and taxis operate. Therefore, he feels that there is no need to reduce the burden now.

Not only Kolkata, Howrah, and Howrah Bridge, the passion of the people of the entire Bengal. The experience of visiting this bridge is new every time. So everyone hopes that Howrah Bridge will live.

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