Former US President Donald Trump is now planning how he will spend his life as former President after being acquitted in the second impeachment proceedings in the Senate. Trump is at Florid’s own club in Palm Beach. Trump was accompanied by his lawyers and friends and was celebrating the outcome of the impeachment process by embracing each other. They were smiling seeing each other. One joked, “We’re going to Disney World.”

Twitter has banned Trump’s account. In such a situation, they lack a social media platform. Also, some members of the Republican Party are against him for his accountability for the violence in the Capitol (Parliament House) on 6 January. Seven senators of the Republican Party voted against him in the impeachment proceedings in the Senate. However, Trump still has many supporters in the Republican Party.

Despite this, Trump’s friends and colleagues hope that Trump will start interviewing the media after several weeks of silence. He has discussed with his political allies about the Republican Party’s efforts to gain control of the House and Senate in the midterm elections of 2022.

Senior advisor Jason Miller said, “I think you will probably hear a lot from him in the coming days.” Trump had given some clues after the vote, but he appeared to be on the defensive. He told his supporters that his movement “has just begun.”

He said, “I’ll have a lot to share with you in the coming months and look forward to continuing my efforts for the greatness of Americans for all.” Lindsay Graham admitted that Trump was “angered by something” but that he “is ready to take the Republican Party forward and is excited about 2022”.


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