How Was The Laltu-Mithali Partnership Formed? Shivprasad-Gargi Chat Before The Release Of ‘Hami 2’: Laltu and Mithali are among the eager parents who can be seen outside the school. Mithali is one of those mothers who stand outside Southpoint, Hair School, DPS Dunlop or Taki Boys. And I am the father who fulfills all the wishes of the son. And Laltu’s character has been shown as a small businessman from the very beginning. This type of character looks very interesting. I have seen many such shopkeepers in Baranagar. Sometimes I even managed the shop for them. When someone asked me when I was a child, I would have said that I would grow up to be a shopkeeper.

Gargi: Mithali is the eternal mother who is extremely possessive of her child after carrying it for 10 months and 10 days. Mithali is very middle class and obsessed with her son. I don’t have children of my own but have seen this among friends. They scold their child but will not tolerate anyone saying anything to their child. So is Mithali. As a father, Laltu is very soft and Mithali holds Rush with a strong hand.
You are opposite each other in all three films ‘Ramadhanu’, ‘Hami’ and ‘Hami Two’. How is your chemistry?

Shivaprasad: Unbelievable chemistry. I’m not talking about my own picture. But before that, I want to say that Gargi is very talented as an actress and she should have got more opportunities in our industry. As an actress, she has arrogance. I tell him sometimes, ‘You are so talented but you have a problem, everyone thinks you are angry. A little afraid to speak. Gargi’s comic timing in this film is outstanding. It is great that Laltu-Mithali has become a successful franchise.
Gargi: We know each other since 2013 or 2014. As time went by we both got to know each other better. And this familiarity, understanding created our onscreen chemistry. It started from the time of ‘Ramdhanu’. And during ‘Hummy Two’, we ourselves have matured a lot. Actually, we both have a fight, a history. I have been doing this for many years. Education, taste, and growing up have a commonality. Our chemistry is so good that both of us know how to react. No separate rehearsal is required.

How is the experience of working with each other?

Shivaprasad: Very good experience working with Gargi. But he is very moody. Among those who act well, many know that they are good actors. And they build a shield outside of themselves and don’t let it break. So many think twice before approaching Gargi. I have often said this to Gargi. Many times when you come late, I have told you, you are a big factor in ‘Bahurupi’. Your big deal. But one thing must be said, getting into the character is so easy that it feels real. And having a background in theater can do it more easily.


Gargi: Shivprasad is actually very similar to Laltu. And to me a lean straight talker. And speaking of mood, any artist is moody. Acting is only good when the unexpected is done. But yes, the mood should not go to the point where it becomes unbearable. Shivprasad also has a mood and I respect that. And that’s why our chemistry is so good. And Shivaprasad said about this approach, what kind of approach it matters to me. I will make it easy for those who are easy for me. Those who come to talk to me should remember that I came here to work with a lot of learning. And that’s why I like to keep a respectful distance.

What did Mithali’s character give you?
Gargi: Everyone took me very seriously, no one thought that Gargi could do a scene where she has to pull her hair by the fistfuls. But Shiva-Nandita thought. What did they think if I was so stupid? I want eyes to see. There is a different person in every person, it has to be brought out. I am doing ‘Mahananda’ on one side, ‘Hummy to’ on the other, then ‘Sheshpata’ will come. This is the best time of my life. Mithali has reminded me once again of the middle-class mentality that I have. Mithali taught me how to break myself as an actress, to blend in. Mithali taught me the responsibilities of a middle-class homemaker. And the experience of working with Shivprasad is very good because we are both very thorough.

A couple of ‘former’ and ‘we’ are popular with everyone. Who will be ahead of you? Who do you think the audience likes more?
Shivaprasad: The couple from ‘Ex’ has an everlasting romance. And their love relationship is based on this love. On the other hand, Laltu-Mitali is very simple, simple. Their fiddle to Burdwan can be seen everywhere. But both have their place. Like Laltu-Mithali every couple’s story is on the other hand Ujan and Sudeepa’s love is what everyone wants to have. If the story of Laltu-Mithali is dal-rice, and potato, then the story of Ujan-Sudeepa is a delicacy.

In these three films, Laltu and Mithali play with children. There will be no film about their relationship only?
Shivaprasad: Hey, this is Gargi’s question too. In fact, the franchise says ‘we’ have to include children. Only Nandita can say whether the film will be from a new angle or not.
Gargi: Children are the bridge between parents. There is a lot of love between the two and I do the acting keeping that loves in mind.


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