How Nora Fatehi looks so beautiful every time, she opened the secret by sharing her makeup videos

Seeing Nora Fatehi, a question must often arise in every girl’s mind that how Nora is so beautiful. Whenever Nora comes out of the house, it cannot be done that her beauty is not discussed. After all, what makeup does Nora use, what does she apply on the face that her skin glows like gold. These questions arise in the mind but their answers are not available. But now Nora herself has answered these questions.

Nora shared makeup video

Actually, Nora Fatehi has shared a video on Instagram. In which she is seen doing makeup. Although Nora is already beautiful, but how her eyes, lips and face are made with the help of even more beautiful makeup is shown here in this video. Seeing this video, girls can also take a lot of tips on how they can look beautiful like Nora.

There is also discussion about a new photoshoot
Nora Fatehi has recently come back into the discussion about her new photoshoot. Nora recently shared this photo in a gown, which her fans are very fond of. Nora’s amazing aura is visible in this Thai sleet gown, which can also be felt in the pictures. Alam is that the fans are not able to remove the eyes from these pictures. Nora’s outfit is amazing, what to say about her adorable mannerisms. If you have not seen this style of Nora, then take a look here.


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