Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani is also known for her fitness along with her social work. Nita Ambani was not always so slim and fit. Her weight at the time of marriage was around 47 kg but when Nita became a mother, her weight had increased to 20-30 kg but Neeta not only lost her weight while working on fitness but also continued to work on fitness.

nita ambani

According to media reports, Nita Ambani exercises 40 minutes every day. Apart from this, she also takes special care of Yoga. Neeta Ambani is a trend Bharatanatyam dancer and with the help of this she also keeps fit. Nita Ambani also follows a special routine in her diet. The most important thing in her routine is beetroot juice, which she never misses. Beet juice contains antioxidants, which help in making the body healthy. This keeps the skin tight. Beetroot is the best option for those who want to lose weight.

nita ambani weight loss journey
Nita Ambani starts her day with dry fruits and in breakfast she eats omelet of egg white. Green vegetables and soup are taken in the afternoon. She consumes fruits and vegetables in snacks. At dinner, Nita Ambani likes to eat green vegetables, soups and sprouted grains. Neeta Ambani keeps distance from fast foods. Looking at the diet chart of Nita Ambani, it is clear that she gives only green vegetables, beet juice and fruits in the food, which is also her secret of fitness, if you want to lose weight and stay fit then diet Along with this, pay full attention to exercise and consume fast foods at least.


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