In the eighties, Kanshi Ram used such a political experiment that by bringing the Dalit thinking of the country to the center of political array. Among the Dalits who stood at the lowest rung of the society, such a political consciousness was raised that the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) strongly knocked in Uttar Pradesh, while Mayawati held the Chief Minister’s chair not once or twice. Since then, only Mayawati’s unanimous rule was maintained on the Dalit votes, but the future of Dalit politics seems to be raising her head out of the BSP due to her not getting on the ground. 

Chandrashekhar, who has emerged as the new face of Dalit politics in West UP, is busy preparing the BSP’s option in the state. The BSP chief Mayawati has been confined to the press conference and social media on the case of the incident with a Dalit girl in Hathras. At the same time, Bhim Army leader Chandrashekhar, along with his supporters on this issue, is taking out the political meaning of the aggressive way in which the front has been opened by taking the road against the Yogi government. Not only this, the way Chandrashekhar has been agitating on Dalit issues in recent times, he is seen making a place for his political future among the Dalit community. 

Foundation of Azad Samaj Party laid

Actually, the difficulty of Mayawati is that in her political life, Chandrasekhar is giving air to those issues which were never given air to woo the Dalits. Chandrasekhar has also formed his own political party and is engaged in raising it in the state. Chandrasekhar’s intention is to set aside a new leadership for the Dalit society by keeping the BSP supremo Mayawati aside. That is why Chandrashekhar has laid the foundation of his new party ‘Azad Samaj Party’ on March 15 this year on the birth anniversary of BSP founder Kanshi Ram. Not only this, Chandrasekhar also wants to establish his party with the same formula that Kanshi Ram had created through the BSP’s organization. 

Member of the core committee of Azad Samaj Party and in-charge of Lucknow division, Dr. Aqib says that he is making his organization from below. In 35 districts of the state, our organization has been ready from the assembly level to the district level and this year the organization will be ready in all the districts of the state. After this, we Azad Samaj Party will announce the state organization. However, he says that his party has appointed state presidents in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, who are working to build their organization. 

BSP organization inactive on Dalit issues- Chandrabhan

Dalit thinker Chandrabhan says that the BSP’s organization has remained dormant on Dalit issues and if Mayawati is silent, Chandrashekhar is aggressor and struggling on the road. Due to this, Chandrashekhar is being successful in making his place among the Dalit youth. Not only this, the Dalits are adopting an aggressive approach on the issues and at the same time, the way they are working on the social level is highly appreciated. People of Bhim Army are doing good work among Dalits in West UP through Bhima Pathshala. They say that this shows that they intend to become an alternative to BSP.

Chandrasekhar’s influence among Dalits has increased in some areas of western UP. At the same time, Jatav is a strong vote bank of BSP because Mayawati herself also comes from this community. Experts say that the way Chandrasekhar tried to bring social revolution among Dalits, worked among them, his acceptance among that society has increased. The Dalit community, especially the youth, is becoming increasingly connected with them. 

At the same time, President of Ambedkar Mahasabha, Ashok Bhartiya says that there is an opportunity in front of Chandrasekhar, but now politics cannot be created in the name of Dalit only. From Ambedkar to Kanshi Ram used to talk about Bahujan society, but how Chandrashek will make his base among Bahujan society with ‘Great Chamar’ will have to be seen. For this, it is necessary to have Bahujan Vision leaders with them, which is not visible at the moment. However, the enthusiasm of the Dalit youth is certainly visible with them, but without vision it will not last long. 

The Bhim Army was started in Saharanpur for discrimination against the Dalit community. Chandrashekhar formed an organization of Dalit students in 2015, which he named ‘Bhim Army’. After this, this organization increased its reach and gradually started making inroads all over Saharanpur. After this, this organization got discussion from Ghadauli incident. Saharanpur Road is a village named Ghadkauli, outside which some Dalit youths of the village had put a board named ‘The Great Chamar’.

This thing was not liked by an organization called ‘The Great Rajputana’. That organization dropped the sooth granddaughter and the board over the board. Due to this, there was a confrontation between the two communities, in which the Bhim Army youth supported the people of the village and after much effort, the Rajputana organization finally had to retreat. This organization began to be discussed from here and the organization continued to grow stronger. After this, there was a violent struggle between Rajputs and Dalits in Saharanpur in the year 2017. In this, Chandrasekhar was made the main accused. After this violence, the Bhim Army demonstrated at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. From here Chandrasekhar came in the eyes of the whole country and he had to stay in jail for a long time. 

Movement on the issue of Ravidas temple in Delhi

After coming out of jail, Chandrashekhar agitated on the issue of Ravidas temple in Delhi and created such an atmosphere that the government also had to come back on it. After this, Chandrasekhar strengthened his political identity by joining demonstrations against the CAA-NRC across the country. From Jantar Mantar in Delhi to Shaheen Bagh, including Ghantaghar in Lucknow and Patna in Bihar, they participated in the dharna demonstration. Chandrasekhar had to go to Tihar Jail in judicial custody for 14 days due to his participation in the protests from Delhi’s Jama Masjid to Jantar Matar. 

Political analyst Syed Qasim says that along with Chandrashekhar Azad, some youth of western UP are especially from Jatav community, but serious people of Dalit society are not with him. Not only this, there were crowds of all Muslims in the forums they have used so far. He has not shown any of his strength by uniting the Dalits in these days. They definitely want to bake their political bread on the issue of public sentiments, but are not able to stand any serious Dalit politics. In such a situation, it is too early to say that Chandrashekhar will become an alternative to BSP or Mayawati. 

However, in Mayawati’s Dalit politics, the raging Chandrashekhar also considers Kanshi Ram as his ideal. Let me tell you that Mayawati also considers Kanshi Ram as her political guru. However, Chandrasekhar has no political legacy. He was not in politics before this. Chandrasekhar Azad has been a lawyer by profession. He came into the limelight for the first time during the Saharanpur violence.


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