How Frogman Of India Discovered The Purple Frog: The total available in India is 470 species of amphibians (Amphibians). Of these approx 297 T species live in the Western Ghats. which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. So for Dr. Satyabhama Das Biju, an amphibian expert from Kerala, and Frankie Boswit, a reptile expert from Belgium, the Western Ghats are the survival resource. Two biologists wandered through the forests, springs, and rivers of this vast mountain. Find a new amphibian or reptile species. 2003 In October, the duo went to the hilly forests of Kerala’s Idduki region for that purpose.

A few hours after entering the forest, the call of the chicken came to the ears. The sound was coming from the side of a small shower. Dr. Biju went ahead to take pictures of forest chickens. He was startled when he reached the source of the sound. At the edge of the fountain sat a frog, clinging to a rock, half-drinking. Skin color is purple (Purple frog). Frog-crazy biologist Dr. Biju has never seen such a strange-looking frog in his life.

This is the purple frog

Friend Frankie came running after hearing Biju’s scream. He could not imagine that such a frog (purple frog) could exist in the world. The two scientists almost danced with the joy of discovering a new species. After taking many pictures of the frog, the two scientists returned to the laboratory. Still did not understand, they made history. Discovered an unknown living fossil. Which is connected with the history of the evolution of about one million and twenty million years.

Dr. Biju became world-famous overnight. His discovery was called ‘the best discovery of the century by biologists. Dr. Biju and Dr. Frankie were excited about the newly discovered new species. They told the world a detailed description of the purple frog.

Dr. Biju and Dr. Franky

The purple frog is seven to eight centimeters in length. Weight is about two hundred and fifty grams. Swollen but flat body like a turtle. Because of their swollen, wide, and flat bodies, they can cling to rocks submerged in water. Even in alkaline showers. Their front legs are strong and muscular. The hind legs are shorter than those of other species of frogs. So cannot jump from one place to another. It takes more time to walk because you have to crawl. The head of the purple frog is quite small compared to its body. A high nose like a pig. But the most attractive is their dark purple skin.

Purple frogs usually live near springs or temporary watercourses. It digs holes twenty feet deep in the soft soil with powerful paws and lives in those holes. They spend most of their life in that hole. Does not go out to look for food. Because these frogs are very cunning, they dig holes under the mounds. So Tofa spends its life in the underworld by eating nutritious termites. Purple frogs live almost as long as humans. They live 75 to 100 years.

At the beginning of the rainy season, groups of purple frogs come up on the ground. For two weeks only. Jumping out of the hole and into the shower, the male frogs began to croak just like chickens. A group of female frogs rushed to meet. Female frogs are three times larger than male frogs in size. After mating the female frogs are approx 3000 lay eggs The cartoon is made. They find food from the water stream. The frogs spend about 100 days in the frozen water between the rocks and become full-fledged frogs.

After Dr. Biju’s sensational discovery, biologists from around the world began researching the purple frog. Some surprising information was revealed. This purple frog species is one of the proofs of Gondwanaland’s theory. Their closest relative Sooglossidae A species of frogs, living in the Seychelles Islands of the Indian Ocean. Although their skin color is not purple.

The purple frog species were scientifically named by Biju and Frankie Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis. Name Nasikabatrachus The part contains the Sanskrit word nasika ( Nasika) ie the nose. Because the high nose of the purple frog is one of the characteristics of the species. and in Latin batrachos The word means frog.

Stay with the name sahyadrensis is in the word Sahyadri (Sahyadri ) word. which is the local name of the Western Ghats. Because the purple frog is found only in the Western Ghats in the whole world. But now purple frog is world famous as ‘Purple Frog’ and ‘Pig Nose Frog’. Also known as Mahabali in Kerala. Because they rise from the underworld only once a year, like the legendary King Mahabali.

Despite making the century’s best discovery in the world of biology, Dr. Biju has no smile on his face. because 2015 It was known that the Nadukani, Mulamattam, and Kulamav tribals living in the Western Ghats took the frogs of this purple frog as food. Also used as medicine. At the beginning of the monsoon, the tribals descend to the springs of the Western Ghats to catch the purple frog frogs. Therefore, the number of purple frogs has started to decrease in an alarming manner.

The purple frog is on the verge of extinction

Besides, deforestation in the Western Ghats, the creation of new agricultural land, and attacks by owls, spiders, and snakes have threatened the species. People from different countries around the world have started keeping purple frogs as pets. As a result, purple frogs are caught and smuggled abroad by animal smugglers. So embarked on a new war, 105 The species of frog was discovered by Indian frogman Dr. Biju. His aim is to save the purple frog species from extinction at any cost.

Created by Dr. Biju, Senior Professor of Ecology, Delhi University Lost Amphibians of India (LAI) An organization called Apart from India, there are researchers and volunteers from abroad in that organization. almost 600 John’s team is already addicted to exploring different parts of India to find new amphibian species. Already 42 The team has done the raid. As Dr. Biju said, there are about a hundred species of amphibians hidden in India, which science has not found even today.

Besides finding new amphibian species, Dr. Biju has been working tirelessly to save endangered species of amphibians. But his main goal is to keep the purple frog alive. Because Dr. Biju says, “Purple Frog has changed my life. Everything you see me today is because of this beautiful creature. Get this purple frog out of my life. You will see an extraordinary man.”

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