What is the status of Hindus in Pakistan who have been abusing minorities in India, it is not hidden from anyone and now the commission created by the Pakistan Supreme Court has once again revealed it in its report. The report of the commission described how bad the temples of Hindus are in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan’s Dawn News, the Supreme Court constituted a one-member commission under the leadership of Dr. Shoaib Sadal to report on the status of Hindu temples. The Commission has given its seventh report to the Supreme Court on 5 February. The report lamented that the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) has failed to handle most of the ancient shrines of Hindus.

The Commission visited Katas Raj Temple in Chakwal on 6 January and Prahlad Temple in Multan on 7 January. The report gives information about two of the 4 most famous temples of Pakistan and their photographs are also attached in the report.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan constituted a one-member commission. However, this commission also has 3 supporting members.

The report states that there are 365 temples in Pakistan, out of which only 13 have been taken care of by the ETPB. At the same time, there are 65 temples which are being looked after by the Hindu community itself, while 287 temples have been left to the land mafia.

The report alleged that even after 73 years, the ETPB was only interested in capturing the expensive properties of migrant minorities. Not only this, ETPB has also taken over the religious places, places of worship or other joint properties of minority communities in hundreds of towns.

Let us tell you that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had last month ordered the reconstruction of a century-old Hindu temple in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The temple was attacked and set on fire by the mob in December 2020. After this, Pakistan had to face a lot of embarrassment at the international level.


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