Position of planets- Rahu is in Taurus sign. Venus and Moon are in Leo. There are suns in Kanya. Mercury is in Libra. Ketu is in Scorpio zodiac. There are gurus in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Capricorn. Vakri Mars is transited in Pisces. The position of the planets will be said to be good. The public is moving towards prosperity. According to your conditions and transit, you will also walk in a good direction.

 There are good conditions for all the people of this zodiac who are associated with the world of films, glamor world, photography, acting, entertainment. Health is moderate but love will be good. Avoid disputes. Keep giving water to Suryadev.

TaurusLand, building, vehicle shopping is becoming the ultimate sum. Health is good. The state of love is good. You are also constantly moving forward in business. Worship Maa Kali.

Gemini – Power is increased. People are eager to support you. Because of this you will progress. Health, love, business, everything is going well with you. Keep on worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Cancer- condition is good. It is a good time for those who are involved in singing, entertainment. Health is good. Love, business is not very good right now. Nevertheless, you are having a great time already. Give water to Suryadev.

Leo – Mental instability will remain. Health, love, business is fine. Even then there will be turmoil inside. Donate white things. Worship Maa Kali.

Kanya- Although there will be expenses in auspicious works, but will be upset due to the expenses. Rest, health, love, business are all going well. Avoid imaginary fears. Worship Maa Kali.

Libra-The economic situation will be strong. Stopped money will be returned. Good news will be received. Marriage can be fixed. Love is good health Even from a business perspective, you are doing well. Visit Maa Bhagwati. Offer prayers.

Scorpio- The economic situation will be better than before. You will do well in business. There are signs of victory in the court-court. Health is moderate but love and business are going well. Keep a red item nearby.

Dhanu- Yatra is possible. Health is good. You have overcome the risk. Love is medium Everything else started going well. Will remain religious. Will participate in religious work. Give water to Suryadev.

Capricorn – You can get hurt. Can get into some trouble. Slightly cross over. Health is moderate. Love and business are going well. Donate the copperplate.

Kumbh – Life partner will get support. Marriage can be fixed. Lover-girlfriend will meet. Will progress in the field of employment. Health, love, business are all amazing. Give water to Suryadev.

Pisces – will dominate the enemies. Enemies will think of compromising themselves. Health, love, business are all going well. Keep giving water to Suryadev.


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