Position of planets- Rahu is moving in Taurus sign. The moons are moving in Cancer zodiac sign. Venus in Leo. There are suns in Kanya. Mercury is in Libra. Ketu is in Scorpio zodiac. There are gurus in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Capricorn. Mars are moving in Pisces at a very fast pace. The position of the planets is good. The position of the moon has also become very good. Surya is also in good condition. Overall, the planets are much better than before.


Aries- It is possible to purchase land, buildings, vehicles. A rude situation can occur at home. Health is moderate. The state of love is good and from a business point of view you are also doing well. Keep giving water to Suryadev.

TaurusYour might will carry you forward. You will progress in employment. Health is good. The state of love is very good. You are moving every day from a business point of view. Donate the copper vessel.

Mithun- Keep a little control over speech. Health is good, love is good. Money will remain inward. Avoid investing a little right now. Worship Lord Shiva.

Cancer – Health is going well. We are in a slightly better position but still love and business cannot be believed a lot. Will move at a moderate pace. Cross over Auspiciousness has increased slightly. It would be called a better time than before. Recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Leo – An alarming situation will occur. The mind will be a little upset. Love, business, health will be all right, so you will remain a little self-sufficient. Keep the yellow object nearby.

Kanya – Stopped money will be returned. The economic situation will be strong. New sources of income will be created. Health is good, love has improved. You have also started doing well from a business point of view. Donate the yellow object

There will be support from Libra -ruling party. High officials will be happy. Health is good, love is going well. You are also doing well from a business point of view. Worship Lord Shani.

Scorpio – Luckily some work will be done. Will remain religious. Health is mediocre but love and business have started going well with you. Worship Lord Shiva.

Sagittarius – You can get hurt. Can get into some trouble. Circumstances have suddenly become unfavorable. From the health point of view, health medium, business medium, you are doing well. Keep worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Capricorn – life partner will be found. Will progress in life Will be with husband and wife. Lover-girlfriend will meet. Health is also good. Overall is a beautiful time. Worship Lord Shiva.

Aquarius – enemies will be defeated. Stopped work will go on. Health is good, love is good. Even from a business perspective, you are constantly moving forward. Donate white goods

Mean – Decision making ability has increased. Health is also good. The state of love is very good. Don’t make any decisions by drowning in emotions. Recite Hanuman Chalisa. will be good.


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