Honey Trap: Unfortunately, The Old Man: He is an old man (60). His wife died and he was living alone. He wanted to have a companion. The three girls came to know about this and trapped him. They tricked them with their tricks and robbed them of lakhs. If we go into the details… an old man from Nehrunagar in Guntur is making a living by farming. His wife died two years ago. Two children got married and moved to Kapura. He wanted to join in this background.. He saw an advertisement in a magazine. He called the marriage broker embedded in it. A girl who spoke from the other side.. First in her account Rs. 3 thousand was asked to be deposited. As the girl said, he paid Rs. After depositing 3 thousand.. she gave me a phone number. From then the real story started.

When the old man called that number, the girl on the other side said that she agreed to live together. After a few days, he got Rs. 1 lakh wanted. However, when the old man said that he had no money, she stopped talking on the phone. After two days, the old man received a call from another woman. The woman believes that she has no one, that she has a lot of property, and wants to be her companion. The old man rejoiced that he had finally found a companion. However, his happiness evaporated within a few days. For a family needs Rs. She said lovingly that she wants 1 lakh and will come to you immediately if you give her the money. The old man who was fed up with her words.. without thinking for a moment immediately deposited Rs. He deposited 1 lakh. That’s it, he didn’t get a call from her again. No matter how many times the old man called, she did not pick up the phone.

A few days later, another woman called the old man. She also weaved the same story. However, the old man ignored the third woman as he was already approached by two women. But.. as she called, again and again, the old man was tempted and talked to her one day. When the old man said that he was cheated by two women, she said that she was not like that, she was divorced and single because her husband lacked masculinity. She said that she has crores of property and she does not need to cheat other people to get money. Believing that this woman would not deceive him this time, he believed her. She also pretended to get married. After a few days, to register his grandmother’s property, he paid Rs. She said that she wants one lakh and if she gives cash, she will give it within a week.

This time the old man decided to meet directly instead of accounting. The woman agreed to that and asked that she would come by bus and receive it at the bus stand. As she came to the bus stand as she said, he thought that the woman would not cheat. Meanwhile, the woman gave a big twist. She took the money from the old man and left, saying that it was time for registration. Since then she also did not respond when called. The old man, who was cheated three times, finally approached the police.


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