The Bihar Special Armed Police (formerly BMP) will have powers to arrest and search for the bagger of warrants, only to those establishments notified by the state government, where he will be deputed. Apart from this, special armed police cannot use special powers. Additional Chief Secretary of Home Department Chaitanya Prasad gave this information at a press conference at Patel Bhavan on Thursday. 

Home department reveals the limit of force amid the ruckus on Bihar Special Armed Police

These officers will not be on deployment outside the notified area, the  Additional Chief Secretary dismissed the possibility of misuse of authority given to Bihar Special Armed Police. Said that the deputation of Special Armed Police in the protection of industrial institutions, important establishments, and historical heritage of the state will take place only after being notified by the State Government. Where they are deputed in the notified establishment, their rights will be limited. Special armed police will not have these rights if they are deputed in the establishments which are not notified by the state government. 

Empowered to protect the people, he said that the state is developing at a rapid pace. Special armed police have been deployed in the security of Mahabodhi Temple and Darbhanga Airport. In the coming days, their deputation will be required in metro and other places also. In such a situation, it was necessary to make this law in the safety and interest of the people. If militant activities take place or someone is seen hiding a bomb, then the right to search and arrest has been given without any warrant, so that action can be taken immediately. This will strengthen the internal security of the state. It will discharge its obligations on the lines of the Central Industrial Security Force. At the same time, Bihar’s dependence on central forces will be reduced.   

The DGP refuted the speculation on the arrests.

DGP SK Singhal and DG RS Bhatti said that the right to arrest and search would be limited to the premises where they would be deputed exclusively on the orders of the state government. As far as the arrest is concerned, the Special Armed Police will immediately hand over the arrested person to the local police station. If there is a police station officer there, it will be handed over there. Also, a report will be given under which circumstances and how arrested. All the action will be taken as per the time limit set for arrest and production in the court. The research of the scandal will also be done at the level of the police station concerned.


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