The color of Holi is also seen to be disturbed due to the havoc of the second wave of Corona. Holi, which is called the festival of society, will also have to avoid celebrating in groups this time. In many states and cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, the administration has issued guidelines regarding Holi. In such a situation, along with celebrating the festival, these guidelines have to be kept in mind so that there is no breach in color. The Delhi government has ordered on Tuesday that it will prohibit celebrating other events, including Holi, in public places. The DDMA said in its order that the corona cases in Delhi are steadily increasing and that the gathering of people to celebrate in public places will increase the risk of corona outbreaks. In such a situation, it is being decided that there will be a ban on celebrating other events in public places, including Holi.

The DDMA has issued strict instructions to the district administration, police and concerned authorities that in view of the growing threat of Corona, people should not be allowed to gather in public places to celebrate. Along with this, orders have been issued to strictly follow the rules of screening, testing, isolation and surveillance. Not only this, festivals like Navratri and Shab-e-Baaraat have also been instructed not to celebrate in public. Apart from this, BMC has also ordered a ban on celebrating Holi in public in Mumbai. The BMC announced on Tuesday that it would not be allowed to celebrate Holi in private and public places on 28 and 29 March. The circular issued by BMC stated that the violators would be dealt with under the Epidemic Diseases Act-1897 and the Disaster Management Act-2005.

CM Yogi has also issued guidelines: Earlier the UP government had also issued guidelines related to Holi on Monday itself. After the meeting chaired by CM Yogi Adityanath, it was decided that there would be a ban on playing Holi in public places. The Chief Minister had said that there is no restriction on festivals and festivals, but people should be made aware of the Kovid infection. No processions and programs or public functions should be held without the prior permission of the local administration. These events should be avoided in high risk categories like children below 10 years of age, elderly people above 60 years and people suffering from more than one serious illness, etc.

Holika Dahan amid lockdown in MP: Apart from this, the government of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat has issued a guideline for the festival as the pace of infection has not reduced. Under this, there will be a ban on playing Holi in the crowd. The government of Madhya Pradesh has decided to impose lockdown on every Sunday. Since Holika Dahan is on Sunday itself, there will be a lockdown anyway.

Restrictions will be applicable on Holi in Chandigarh: In the Union Territory of Chandigarh, public functions will not be held on Holi. According to the administration, clubs, hotels, restaurants will not be allowed to do any kind of programs for Holi. Chandigarh has also been one of the cities where more cases of corona have been reported.

Gujarat Deputy CM’s Advice, Avoid Holi in the Crowd: The Gujarat government has allowed Holi to be celebrated, but has also imposed certain conditions. This time a limited number of Holika Dahan has been approved. On the day of Dhuleri, there will be a ban on applying color to each other and playing Holi in the crowd. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that small number of people will be able to burn Holi, but it is not allowed to play color in public place. These decisions were taken in the core committee meeting held with the Chief Minister. The Deputy Chief Minister said that people should not play Holi in view of Corona’s infection. In Holika Dahan it is also necessary to follow the rules. Police action will be taken against those who ignore the rules.


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