Holi is a festival of veggies which is celebrated with great pomp in the year of India as it is one of the major festivals of the year of India which is celebrated as a festival of brotherhood calling mutual differences.

Holi is celebrated in the spring, which according to Hindu Panchag, is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Falgun, behind which many stories are attached, but it is mainly based on the Vishnu devotion of Prahlada.

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Essay on Holi 300 Words

On hearing the name of the festival of Holi Holi, there is a tickle in the mind and the scenes of different pitchers, colors, balloons start wandering in front of the eyes. When this festival started celebrating it was also known as Holika.

Many texts have been told about this festival. Even during the reign of Mughal ruler Shah Jahan, Holi was celebrated with great enthusiasm, at that time it was known as Eid-e-Gulabi.

Various beliefs related to celebrating Holi: –

Like other festivals of Hindu society, Holi is a festival that has many arguments to celebrate in our history, one of which is also related to the death of demonic effigy.

It is said that the demoniac Pootna comes to the child Krishna in the form of a beautiful woman and tries to kill her by drinking her poisonous milk but he was also Lord Krishna, instead of drinking milk, he took his life and died. But after death, Pootana’s body disappeared, so people made his effigy and burned it, since then Mathura became the main center of Holi.

Main facts related to Holi festival: –

  1. The festival of Holi is celebrated on the full moon of Falgun month.
  2. Holi festival is mainly of 2 days Holika Dahan is done on the first day by doing puja with the complete method.
  3. On the second day, people celebrate the Holi festival with colors, from Pichkaria.
  4. People also arrange various dishes for Holi such as gujiya, different types of nankeen, especially cold.
  5. The view of the Holi of Braj in India is one who used to make cold in the hobby with civilization, but nowadays people are moving towards drunken except cold.
  6. Earlier people used to play Holi with sandalwood and gulal, but nowadays people use chemical dyes which are harmful.
  7. People get drunk, go out to meet friends, and become victims of accidents.
  • Holi is a festival of colors and familiarity.
  • Whatever you try, good will prevail over evil.
  • Holi has also given this message.
  • The evil of Holika and Hiranyakashyap has been burnt.

Holi Essay 500 Words

It is said that Holi is a festival that has the power to make friends even with two enemies because on this day, if an enemy also colors with love, then love also wins in this day, everyone forgets old grievances and happiness, happiness And spreads the colors of love.

Holi is celebrated with enthusiasm and belonging by people of every religion or it can be said that every year the chance of giving a good look by improving bad relations comes Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India as well as abroad. And people of every age celebrate this festival with joy.

Holi is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Phalgun and according to the English month, it falls at the beginning of the month of March and preparations begin in the houses from Basant Panchami.

Holi is a 2-day festival, Holika Dahan takes place on the first day, and on the second-day people apply color to each other and this day is also known by the name Dhuleti.

Holi also celebrates the festival of Holi by remembering the love story of Radha and Krishna. It is said that in this beautiful season of spring, Krishna and Radha used to do Leela by putting colors on each other, so remember Krishna and Radha’s Leela on Holi. is done.

Holi chance to increase mutual love: –

On the day of Holi, there is no consideration of any caste, neither does it enhance mutual love of fraternity nor status.

• This festival eradicates social evil like casteism, discrimination of color.

Holi brings positive thinking among the people which is a good foundation for the formation of a better society.

• On this day, everyone forgets the old mistakes and makes a new beginning.

• This festival also gives an opportunity to end the gap in the generations.

Although there are many arguments behind celebrating the festival of Holi, if some are associated with the Gods and Goddesses, then there is a reason from the time of the King Maharajas, but in every argument, its purpose is the victory of good over evil is a symbol of love and belonging.

Some facts related to Holi of Mathura: –

• Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan is seen in India.

• This festival lasts around 25 days here.

• The Lathmar Holi of Braj is practiced not only in India but throughout the world.

• In which men paint on women, women beat them with sticks.

• Holi is celebrated in the whole of India.

• This festival is characterized by excitement, casteism, and discrimination.

• It is a popular festival of joy and friendship.

Holi symbol of unity in diversity: –

Holi festival of Holi gives us the message of unity and brotherhood, we should celebrate our festivals keeping in mind our culture, we should introduce humanity by staying away from intoxication, etc. This colorful festival is not only our body but also our faith We should pray to God in such a way that we give color in the color of love and faith.

This festival is of happiness, of faith, of truth, of brotherhood, of love, we should celebrate this festival with this purpose. It is a symbol of our faith and culture which has been going on for years and will always be.

  • This festival is of such colorful colors.
  • Forget all the complaints, and get it once again.
  • Wherein there is no caste, no wall of status.
  • It is like this festival of colors, Holi.

Holi Essay 700 Words

Holi-Holi is a very ancient festival and is celebrated every year in the month of Phalgun. Holi is a festival of colors and in Indian festivals, Holi is called the day of sharing happiness and ending mutual hatred.

On the day of Holi, all the people forget the old ways and start a new friendship and the people embrace each other and color each other.

This festival is filled with a lot of enthusiasm and this enthusiasm starts appearing in people from 1 month itself. It is a traditional and cultural Hindu festival. This festival increases love among people and everyone gets to enjoy this day together. Huh.

Decorate your relationship with colors of love.
Forget the old past, celebrate the festival of Holi.

Holi has its own meaning: –

1. This festival fills people with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

2. People celebrate this festival very enthusiastically with their family and friends.

3. In today’s busy life, 1 day is taken out for loved ones on the pretext of Holi.

4. The women of the house cook a variety of dishes for the family.

5. Discrimination of religions and caste does not seem to be known. People of all religions celebrate it together.

The festival of Holi is associated with different taro: –

Holi is celebrated by people of all religions, even the King of the Mughal era, the Maharaja used to celebrate it with great pomp and much preparation. Many pictures in history also provide evidence that Queen Jodha and King Akbar also celebrated Holi with great love.

There are many stories associated with this festival like the story of Prahlada and Hiranyakashyap, which is also called the symbol of good over evil. The story of the slaughter of demonic Pootna, remembering the love of Radha Krishna, celebrating Holi and the story of Shiva Parvati, etc.

It is said that Parvati, the Himalayan daughter, wanted her to be married to Shiva, but Shiva was absorbed in her penance to help Kamdev Parvati and wield a love arrow that disrupted Lord Shiva’s penance, which caused Lord Shiva to be very angry. Comes and due to anger, Lord Shiva’s third eye opens.

Kamdev is consumed by the flame of his anger, but when Lord Shiva sees Goddess Parvati, he accepts her true love and accepts her as his wife, symbolizing the attraction of lust in the fire of Holi and symbolizes the celebration of the victory of true love. I celebrate

The importance of worship on Holi is also different: –

• Holika is made by planting grass with Holi of wood and condo.

• Then it is worshiped.

• To worship, Assad, flowers, betel nuts are worshiped with money in hand.

• With water, leave all this material near the Holika.

• Three rounds of Holika are performed before finally giving fire.

• And coconut ball, wheat earring, and gram are roasted in it and offered to everyone.

Need to give a new look to the festival of Holi: –

  1. Chemical colors should be avoided on Holi.
  2. Use colors made from Tesu flowers that are not harmful.
  3. Do not shed excess water, it is seen that a lot of water is shed on Holi.
  4. Celebrate Holi as a drug-free festival.
  5. Do not force color without anyone’s consent, because by force, this color can also go into someone’s eyes or mouth which is harmful to us.
  6. Many people also throw mud and create enmity on the people in the fun of Holi.
  7. Due to these wrong antics, the festival of Holi is descending from the heart of the people, so the festival of Holi should be celebrated as a gesture of love.
  8. It is a festival of love, celebrate with love. Due to wrong antics, do not increase hostility.

Holi Essay 1000 Words

Holi is a festival of colors and laughter which is celebrated all over the world and especially in India and Nepal. This festival is one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus.

The excitement of celebrating Holi is different in the whole of India. This day fills the color of love and belonging in the relationship. Holi festival is considered the most beautiful color of our Indian culture. Because on this day all the people forget all their old grievances and embrace each other, then this festival decorated with loving colors gives the message of brotherhood by opening the bonds of every religion, sect, caste.

Holi preparations are filled with enthusiasm in the mind and heart: 

On this day, people wake up early in the morning and take colors, go to their relative’s and friends’ houses and play Holi with them, and in the market, this festival starts appearing 15 days in advance.

Colorful pitchers, various colors, balloons, are seen selling at different places. Nowadays people buy different kinds of spectacles and colorful fake hair on Holi and have fun on the day of Holi. Wear it

Not only the preparations for Holiday but also the preparations for Holika Dahan, people start 5-6 days in advance and start decorating the wood for Holika Dahan because this Holika Dahan is the beginning of positive thoughts by burning negative thoughts. .

  • The month of Phalgun arrived,
    the festival of colors is brought.
  • Do it, get ready for it,
  • whose atomizer, what will be heavy.

The main festival of Holi Falgun Mass: –

Holi celebrates the full moon of the month of Phalgun, according to the Hindu year, its preparation starts from Basant Panchami, which according to the English month, the festival of Holi is on the full moon day in the month of March.

Holi is also celebrated as a symbol of the victory of good over evil. Due to being celebrated in the month of Phalgun, it is also called Phalguni, when the festival begins on Basant Panchami, on the day Gulal is blown for the first time. Visions begin to appear.

Holi is a 2-day festival: –

Holi festival of Holi is celebrated in different ways in different states. Holi is mainly celebrated for 2 days, on the first day Holika is lit, which is called Holika Dahan, and on the second-day people see each other in colors, abir, Gulal chants are a dance song, Holi songs are sung by playing drums.

On the second day, also known as Dhulendi, the program of applying color and singing to each other lasts till noon, after which people like to take a bath and relax and then go to each other’s house in the evening wearing new clothes.

Holi is also a festival of various dishes: –

  1. In Holi, not only the enthusiasm to play with colors but also the enthusiasm to cook the dish is seen.
  2. On the day of Holi, something sweet is made in most of the houses.
  3. Gujiya is a special dish in this sweet which is made from mawa.
  4. Various types of nankeen and especially papad are prepared.
  5. Special cooling is made for drinking.

Not many arguments to celebrate Holi: –

Holi festival has many stories associated with people of different religions, it is a festival of Hindus socially and purely, but there is evidence that shows that even the Muslim ruler is very proud of this festival of colors. Used to celebrate with

Holi Dahan and the main reason for celebrating Holi started with the rule of a king named Hiranyakashyap. There used to be a king named Hiranyakashipu, who considered himself God and wanted everyone to worship him. Hiranyakashipu had a son named Prahlada who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, he always asked Prahlada to do his worship.

But Prahlada did not listen to him, he was a devotee of Srihari and used to chant him. Hiranyakashyap made many efforts to kill Prahlada, but all failed and in the end, Hiranyakashyap remembered his sister and the blessing he got.

At the behest of Hiranyakashyap, Holika took Prahlada in her lap and Holika sat in the fire, Lord Shiva was blessed by her that no fire could harm her and on the strength of this boon, Holika sat in the fire with Prahlad.

But Lord Vishnu took the boon of Holika and placed it on the head of Prahlada and Prahlada came back after escaping the fire and Holika was destroyed in the fire, since then it was celebrated as a festival of good over evil.

Apart from this, there are many other stories that are related to this festival, like the story of Shiv Parvati, Holi was celebrated even after the demonic effigy died and many pieces of evidence of celebrating Holi are found in the temples of the sixteenth century.

Importance of Holi: –

  1. Holi is a festival of colors and love.
  2. People celebrate this day with great pomp almost all over India.
  3. It ends the distance between people.
  4. On this day people consider Lal Gulal as a symbol of love and attachment.
  5. It is a festival to end discrimination between religion, caste, etc.

Epilogue: – Therefore, it is a festival of spreading the color of belongingness which we should celebrate every civilly and should not harm anyone by using wrong methods and bad colors. Many people drink alcohol on this day, fight, fight or do any wrong thing, which should not be done, which will change someone’s happiness, sorrow or sorrow.

  • This festival has come in colorful colors.
  • Dance together, drop the wall of hate.

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