Holi festival is a festival of colors and fun. On this festival, everyone sings and dances fiercely to each other. Then be it the common man or Bollywood, everyone is immersed in the hang of Holi. Many Bollywood films also have great songs on the fun of Holi. When these evergreen songs of Hindi films are played on the festival of Holi, the fun of the Holi party doubles and everyone starts trembling. So let’s have fun by playing these super hit songs of Hindi films on this Holi

Bollywood movies hit and evergreen holi song

1-Holi Song of Sholay movie ‘Holi Din Dil Dil Milte Hain’ is the evergreen song. When this song plays, everyone wakes up from the fun of Holi and at the same time everyone forgets the shrieks and even hugs each other.


2- We will not leave the song of the film Kite Kite, Hum Jolie is also a tremendous song made on Holi. When this song rings, the intoxication of Holi rises further.

3- The 1981 film Silsila’s Holi Song is Evergreen. Filmed on Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Sanjeev Kapoor and Jaya Bhaduri, the fun of Holi continues to fade until it is played on the festival of Holi.

4- Song of the film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani The fun of Holi also doubles as soon as the sound of Pichkari and everyone starts soaking each other with the Pichkari.


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