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HM Amit Shah Orders Intelligence Dept To Prepare ‘Infiltrators List’: The Union Ministry of Home Affairs ordered to start searching the information on Bangladeshi infiltrators. Home Minister Amit Shah directed the central intelligence officers to find the infiltrators who entered through the Bengali border in particular. Shah held a long meeting with the Central Intelligence Agency (IB) chiefs of each state on Wednesday. It has been directed to collect the statistics of how many Bangladeshis are working with fake certificates in any state. According to sources, West Bengal was emphasized in the meeting. It is said that he will also hold a meeting with NIA officials in a few days. Why the emphasis on tracing the infiltrators entering through the West Bengal border? Questions have started to arise as to whether the Center has some ulterior motive behind it.

Recently, the center sent a warning to the DGs of all states about Bangladeshi infiltrators. The warning mentions that a large number of Bangladeshis are infiltrating through the West Bengal border. The infiltrators are aided by a class of state brokers. Brokers are helping them get an Aadhaar card after entering India. As soon as Aadhar Card comes in hand, people are spreading to different parts of the country in search of work. Many of these infiltrators are associated with militant organizations like Jamaat in Bangladesh. According to sources, the Home Ministry has ordered action against them.

Within 48 hours of this incident, Amit Shah held an emergency meeting with the Central Intelligence Officers of each state. According to sources, West Bengal and Bangladeshi infiltration issues were mostly discussed during the meeting. Apart from the two southern Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, 14 states including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh have been ordered to inquire about the construction industry, hotel-related work, housekeepers, Bengali small traders. How many are there in each state? Do they have IDs? It is said that the officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs have instructed the intelligence officers to prepare that list. Along with this, besides increasing the vigilance on the Bengali border, the border guards have been advised to be active, according to sources.

Also how they are getting certificates after entering India? It has also been asked to inquire about who is doing the work of getting the certificate. However, questions have started to arise as to why the Home Ministry has suddenly become active in infiltrating across the Bengal border leaving states like Tripura, Assam, and Meghalaya. It is also suspected that the ruling party at the center has political motives behind it. The border guard area has been increased to fifty kilometers. This time, it is believed that the Center is trying to use the infiltration issue to bring other investigative agencies into the fray against the ruling party in the state. However, the officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs did not open their mouths about Wednesday’s meeting.


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