HIT 2 Movie Review: Hit 2 That Kept The Audience Guessing.. |  Adivi Sesh Nani Hit 2 Movie Full Review: Shailesh Kolana’s hit movie titled Second Case 2. This suspenseful crime thriller starring Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Chaudhary has recently been released.

Movie Review: Hit -2

Actors: Adivi Shesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Nani in a special role, Komali Prasad, Suhas, Srinath Maganti, Rao Ramesh,

Posani, Tanikella Bharani and others

Music: Suresh Bobbili. MM. Srilekha

Editor: Gary BH

Cinematographer: Manikandan

Producer: Nani

Director: Shailesh Kolanu

Release Date: December 2, 2022

The trend of sequels in the Telugu industry has started recently. Some of the films that came out became hits. In continuation of the latest hit.. Shailesh Kolanu’s hit movie is titled Second Case 2. This suspense crime thriller starring Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Chaudhary has recently been released. And let’s see how much this movie impressed the audience..


KD alias Krishnadev (Adivi Shesh) is an investigative officer working in the hit department. He is doing his duty comfortably in Vizag. He is in love with Arya (Meenakshi Chaudhary). Both live together. KD, who is going smoothly both personally and professionally, gets a murder case in Vizag. A psycho brutally kills a girl named Sanjana. In that case, if only the head belongs to Sanjana, the rest of the body parts are known to belong to him. Then he starts investigating the case with his team (Komali Prasad, Srikanth Maganti). And how did KD get a lead in this case. Who actually did this murder..? How the killer was caught is the rest of the story.


Suspense thrillers and murder mysteries are not new.. There are many in the Telugu industry. Directors weave them around a small point. Hit 2 is also a story written like that.. the whole story gets separated in the climax with a small twist. There is definitely that pressure when there is a sequel to a successful movie. The result will be positive only if it is handled properly.. expectations are met. In this regard, ‘Hit’ director Selesh Kolanu has to be appreciated. This director created a universe called ‘Hit’ and successfully solved the case for the second time. With the addition of an actor like Adivi Sesh, the director’s job has become half easy. The whole first half is full of suspense.. He has written the story to make everyone suspicious At one stage there are suspicions on the heroine as well. Takes an interval card with a good twist. The whole story till then becomes more interesting at once. The first half hour of suspense drama in the second half is impressive. Kady and team’s investigation into who did the murder goes on in full swing. Even though there is so much suspense, the climax seems to have not met the expectations for some reason. For the mystery drama that happened before.. the climax seemed to be resolved. He tied the whole story around a small point. The director’s brilliance shows the addition of the case scenes shot by Vishvak Sen in the first part of the case in Hit 2. Vishwak Sen’s arrival in the middle. Nani’s arrival at the end has increased interest in the hit series.


Adivi Sesh once again acted brilliantly.. He became a super hit as a hit officer on screen. Sesh once again proved that he is perfect for police dramas. His mark was evident. Meenakshi Chaudhary is good.. Komali Prasad is impressive in the lead role. In another key role in the film, ‘Color Photo’ Suhas acted brilliantly. He is proving that he is not just for comedy. He proved that he is a complete actor with this movie. Srikanth Maganti’s action is good. Rao Ramesh and Tanikella Bharani have done well.

Technical Team:

The only song in Hit 2 is good. Apart from the burning romance, the visualization is also impressive. The background score is great. The editing is very neat. Two hours cut very sharply. The cinematography work is rich. I don’t need to name the production values. Director Select Kolanu has taken the story as simple, but he has written the screenplay well. It is not an edge-of-the-seat thriller but a good engaging murder mystery.


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