Hindustani Bhau, who dominated social media, is now going to enter Bollywood too. Hindustani Bhau, who has been seen in Bigg Boss, says that he has recently signed many projects and will soon be seen on the big screen. 

How will Bollywood enter?
Recently, in an interview given to Bollywood Life, Hindustani Bhau said that the good news will come soon for his fans. According to Hindustani Bhau, he has recently approved to perform 5 songs. Apart from this, there are also two webseries and two films. 

Rowdy will be in character Bhau
Hindustani Bhau said that all director-producers will show me as Rowdy, either Rowdy Police Officer or Rowdy Humans, all the characters are like that. Do you like Bhau as Rowdy? Now I am wondering how they will tolerate me. I don’t know how to dance, I will have to see everything. 

Hindustani Bhau is unable to meet his fans after his Instagram account was suspended. Can’t do live session. On this, he said that I miss my fans. It will be a good thing for them, they will now be able to see me on other platforms. I will be back soon. Please tell that Hindustani Bhau also took part in Bigg Boss. He took a wild card entry last season and made headlines inside the house as well. 


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