The strike by doctors and nurse staff at the Hindu Rao Hospital in Delhi came to a complete standstill. All these workers have been on strike for almost the last four months due to non-payment of salary. Only last week, he gave an ultimatum to the administration to get salary by Saturday and said that he would also stop the services of Corona ward if the dues are not received. Here is the report of Hindustan Correspondent.

The doctors of the hospital shouted slogans against the North Delhi Municipal Corporation and the hospital administration for a long time by placing banners at the main gate against non-payment of salary. All of these doctors were very angry due to non-payment of salary. Dr. Abhimanyu Sardana, president of the hospital’s resident doctors association, said that doctors are facing a lot of problems due to non-payment of salaries. If someone has to pay the rent of the house by asking for a loan, then no one has any money left to pay EMI to his car. He said that we are going on strike in compulsion. We have no intention of disturbing the patients. Female doctors also participated in large numbers in this performance.

Hindurao Hospital referred to patients at other hospitals is Corona Hospital. Due to this, only the services of Emergency were being run here except for Corona Ward. Emergency services also came to a standstill due to the strike at the hospital on Sunday. Due to Sunday and Corona Hospital, very few patients came here in emergency. All these were referred to other major hospitals such as Ram Manohar Lohia and Safdarjung. Harish Tomar, studying in Delhi University, who came to the Emergency from the hospital of Gandhi Vihar, had high fever. He was also referred.

Due to not having
a single patient, there was not a single patient admitted in the Corona ward of the Corona Ward Hospital on Sunday afternoon. Because of this it was completely deserted. This ward was sanitized by the administration in the morning itself. In view of the strike, 20 corona patients admitted here were sent to Loknayak and other Delhi government hospitals on Saturday.

The administration got the hospital sanitized, now the corona hospital will no longer be Hindurao
Hindurao hospital has been completely sanitized on Sunday. The hospital administration claims that now the hospital will treat patients suffering from other diseases rather than corona patients. The hospital claims that OPD will start in the presence of senior doctors from Monday, although resident doctors have decided to continue work outs.


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