Higuita Is Not Only NS Madhavan’s Own, But It’s Not Without The Dual Nature Of Filmmakers: Writer Benjamin does not support NS Madhavan on the ‘Higvita’ issue. Benjamin said that the name Higuita does not belong to NS Madhavan, hence he cannot support him in the controversy. But he also clarified in his Facebook post that the dual nature of filmmakers cannot be ignored.

Benjamin said that not only NS Madhavan’s Higuita, but filmmakers have also recently given Oz many names. He cited GR Indugopan’s ‘Amminipilla’, S. Harish’s ‘Appan’, Sridhara Menon’s ‘Perumbadavam’ as ‘Oru Keerthanam’, etc. as examples. Benjamin noted that many such names have been cited without even giving credit.


Higuita is not Madhavan’s only. So he is not supported in this controversy. But there is no mention of the double nature of filmmakers. Higuita is not the only name that cinematographers have thrown at Oz recently, Indugopan’s Amminipilla, S. Harish’s Apan, like a hymn to Perumbadavam, Shinilal’s Beat, Amal’s Inveshipin will be found. There are as many as you want.

A hundred thousand experiences of pointing out stories without even a single credit. And then what do these filmmakers do, take this name and register it. And no one else can use that name. So whether a picture comes out or not, he will hold that name in his own name. Those who speak against Madhavan should also be aware of this double standard. The hunk of cinematographers that they can show anything as long as they have the money and the organization is rightly to be opposed; Benjamin wrote on Facebook.

Higuita is a famous short story by NS Madhavan. But NS Madhavan had come forward with strong criticism against giving that name to the new film without his permission. He said these things through his Twitter handle.


This kind of controversy comes after three years after the poster of the movie was released. Meanwhile, it was announced a little while ago that the Film Chamber has banned the film Higuita from being given that name. N.S. He was also instructed to take permission from Madhavan. The chamber informed that the ban is only for the name of the movie.

N.S. The name of the film has been banned based on the meeting held after Madhavan’s tweet. It came to the attention of the chamber that this name was given to the film without taking his permission.

Based on this, the name was temporarily banned. The chamber also informed that it will consider changing the ban if NS Madhavan’s permission is obtained.

Higuita, which started shooting in 2019, is gearing up for release by the end of this month. Hemant G. is the director of the film, which stars Suraj Venjaramood in the lead role. Nair is


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