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Here Is Your Weekly Horoscope From 27th November To 3rd December, 2022: Fortune depends on the combination of planets and stars. How will this week go? Body and health will be okay? Amitabh Banerjee told this week’s Horoscope.


At the beginning of the week, there may be an opportunity for the child to go abroad for work. Marital relations will be mixed this week. Possibility of repayment of old debts of businessmen. Don’t flaunt your past debt. Try saving for the future. Inattentive young students can become frustrated with exams. Do not worry too much about the native’s health.


The work environment will be favorable to you. Will work with the opinion of higher authorities even in minor problems. With the help of a friend, there will be an opportunity to buy a new car. Although there is temporary pressure in the business, there is a possibility of improvement in the future. Business loss for personal contamination with partner in partnership business. At the end of the week, you can get rid of minor problems.


Your haughtiness and arrogance may bring danger to your career. Increased anxiety about not finding relatives working in other cities. It is better not to invest more in iron, paper, and plastic business for now. People associated with sports will gain fame due to their achievements. Resolve disputes over subject property through dispute resolution.


Don’t get upset by the sudden news. Try to handle the situation slowly, and steadily. Do not scold the child for small reasons. This can increase their stress. Beware of insect-borne diseases. At the end of the week, new income opportunities will come. May suffer from remorse for misbehaving with parents. Emotional satisfaction for child’s success in higher education.

The lion

At the beginning of the week, the wishes of the natives of this zodiac sign can be fulfilled. The financial aspect is good. However, overspending can put a strain on savings. Increase in prestige in the workplace through your hard work and intelligence. Students should work hard to improve their exam results. It is better not to discuss controversial issues in your area and workplace.


Although there is temporary pressure in the business, there is a possibility of improvement in the future. Expect good news at the workplace. Beware of hidden enemies. Avoid excessive greed. Earning money through dishonest means can get you into trouble with the police. Time is good for people associated with the entertainment world.


Spend the week very carefully in the professional field. Try to be patient without getting into arguments on family issues. There is a possibility of getting rid of the entanglement in the coming days. Singles can get married this week. Housing problems may increase. Be careful on the roads. Accidents are likely to happen during this time.


Be careful with investments this week. In terms of money, there is little chance of benefit this week. Relationships with siblings can be complicated due to family issues. Sometimes disagreements in marriage can disturb the peace of mind. Father’s health will not be very good at this time. You can also fall into medical failure.


Job promotion may be possible. Relationships with colleagues will improve during this time. Indifference in a family business can lead to business failure. Possibility of job transfer. Singles can get involved in new relationships. Try to advance while preserving life in luxury.


Even if it is an expensive week, money will not be strained. Misunderstandings with old friends will be resolved. May be worried due to the health of the small child. Motorists spend the week with extreme caution. Don’t rush into making any big decisions. Investing in the land will be profitable. By the end of the week, there will be peace in the world.


Take care of yourself and your family’s health for climate change. Potential benefits for students involved in technical education. Marriage of daughter may be hindered. Job opportunities in reputed organizations will come for child’s incredible success in higher education. At the end of the week, there may be a mistake at work for marital turmoil.

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