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Here Are Your Weekly Horoscope From 23 To 29 October 2022:Fortune depends on the combination of planets and stars. How will this week go? Body and health will be okay? Amitabh Banerjee told this week’s Horoscope.


At the beginning of the week, responsibilities will increase at work. New business opportunities will come but before investing one should have a proper idea about business. Whatever job or business you do, be careful this week. Secret enemies will try to harm you. The time is good for people involved in entertainment and sports. Adding success to the child’s vocational training. Beware of waterborne diseases.


Your enthusiasm and fighting spirit will carry you further in the workplace. Increased concern for sudden illness in the elderly. Seniors can get peace of mind by spending money on good deeds. The period is good for natives associated with small and cottage industries. The child’s success in higher education will lead to opportunities in government jobs. Possibility of getting a loan sanctioned for buying land or a flat.


According to the placement of the planets this week, problems in the marital sector may increase. Students involved in technical education are likely to benefit. Potential expenditure on parental health. Businesses may try to recover old debts. There will be pressure on married life. Try to understand each other before marriage when it comes to love affairs.


Even if you work with extra responsibilities at work, you will not get extra remuneration accordingly. This week your secret wish may come true. Although there is temporary pressure in the business, there is a possibility of improvement in the future. There may be an opportunity to change the workplace of the wife. Increase your value and influence in society by involving yourself in philanthropic work.

The lion

The fortunes of the natives of this zodiac sign will be happy. You will get successful in any work. The ideal time to start your own business. Don’t spend extra on your child’s birthday, extend a helping hand to poor people. In the middle of the week, you may face financial problems due to wrong decisions. Misunderstandings with old friends will be resolved. Elderly take care of your body.


This time can be a fair solution to any complex problem in the family. Don’t try to earn money by being persuaded by friends. Acknowledgment of achievements in sports may lead to job opportunities in reputed organizations. Addition of receiving subject property from in-laws. Troubled by arguments with parents about raising the family.


Improvements can be seen with the cooperation of higher authorities in the workplace. Obstruction of expected income in business. Mother’s body will not be very good at this time. A child’s excessive insistence may cause disruption in performance. Avoid junk food for stomach problems. By the end of the week, and hope may be fulfilled. Good results can be seen in love.



Business Development Yoga. But try to keep costs under control. Your daughter may occupy a high position in her workplace. Even if there are some professional problems, try to solve them by talking to colleagues. Sudden winnings in the lottery. Avoid waterways even if you plan to travel with your family. Unrest in the family due to the independent nature of the wife.


Costs may increase this week. One may hear reprimands from higher authorities for one’s laziness at work. Stress will increase in the middle of the week. You may get involved in unnecessary trouble while doing a favor to a friend. Auspicious work at home may be hindered by some relatives’ calkathi. Consult a consultant before making important business decisions.


The week will go well despite being busy. Prepare yourself to make important decisions at work. Possibility of recovery of old dues in business. You can get out of a difficult situation with the help of a friend. Parents may have to take responsibility in the family. The time is good for professors, journalists, and those who write.


At the beginning of the week job, seekers will get a chance to do something new. Contractors may miss out on any profitable work. Mental restlessness will suddenly increase due to some reason. There will be financial chaos in the family due to the unaccounted expenses of the wife. Try to get out of the situation with your own wits. Those who work in factories should pass the week very carefully.


Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. Improvement in the workplace of the natives of this zodiac sign. Various problems can be solved at this time. People associated with the transport business can earn more profit. Siblings may suffer due to the division of family property.

ll Without dasha and antardasha the horoscope is not infallible. Only in the presence of Rasi will the Gochar result partially match ll


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