Heart Stroke: How To Rebuild Your Work Life After A Heart Attack? Important Tips For You: Heart attack is a major public health problem in India. Especially since the year 2000, the annual stroke cases are increasing massively. High stress, other reasons.

Heart attack is a major public health problem in India. Especially since the year 2000, the annual stroke cases are increasing massively. Experts say that high stress and other reasons can cause this stroke. People of different age groups are affected due to this stroke. However, most people suffer from this stroke in the age group of 30 to 40 years. This problem is especially common among employees. Stroke affects muscle strength, walking ability, balance, speech, and bladder control. It also leads to psychological problems. There is also a possibility of losing independence to some extent. Despite advances in stroke care, challenges remain in rehabilitating a person with a stroke. For this reason, it is important to provide timely and appropriate treatment to people with stroke to reduce the long-term effects and lead a healthy life.

However, it is normal for a person to face many difficulties after a stroke. After they join their job they don’t have the confidence they had before. Often they do not have the courage to ask for support in performing their duties. However, regardless of such things, health experts suggest that those who are affected employees must reach out to others about their needs. However, after suffering a stroke, there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to regain health. Now let’s find out what the experts are saying.

1. If unable to go to the office every day then alternative means should be found.

2. Make sure that the body is not subjected to too much stress. You should work only as many hours as you can.

3. Make a list of what you can and cannot do according to the job description. The same should be discussed with the manager.

4. Review with your team to facilitate any operational issues, share responsibilities, delegate tasks if necessary.

5. There should be a clear understanding with their manager about the effects of stroke, medications, and mental status, especially in relation to the affected person who has gone to work.

However, there is another key point here. In many cases, companies are not equipped to monitor the health of stroke victims and provide them with the support they need. However, experts say there are some elements that should be followed in a back-to-work program that can help create a safe workspace for stroke survivors. Now let’s know what those things are.

1. Equipment like ergonomic workstations, and stand-sitting desks will be required.

2. Speech recognition software helps patients who have difficulty speaking.

3. Reviewing the company’s leave policies so that the employee can take personal time without feeling guilty or facing any financial pressure.

4. Flexible working hours, and patterns, allowing employees to work from home permanently if needed.

5. Most importantly, communicating with an employee returning to work after a stroke is very convenient.

According to experts.. once a stroke does not affect the health of life much. But, if colleagues and employers cooperate with them in the work area, the self-confidence of the affected person increases if they work in a timely manner. That in turn leads to better emotional well-being and higher productivity. Instead of looking at this problem with fear and reluctance, if we solve it with pity and compassion, it will be good for everyone.

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