Heart On The Right Side, The Doctor Has To Suffer While Treating The Teenager From Kalna: Szaroor Kanta is the brainchild of writer Sharadindu Banerjee’s detective story. But this phenomenon is very real. No color mixing. And doctors are surprised to see such incidents.

Let’s explain the matter. Do you remember the story of Byomkesh’s thorn? On that right side was the heart. And the murderer was caught throwing a fork at the heart by his own trick without knowing that. Normally, the human heart is on the left side of the body. The person in the story was on the right. That was the reason why the murderer was caught.

A right-sided heart is very rare. Few people do. And this is what happened to a teenager from Kalna in Burdwan. His heart is on the right side of the body. If the structure of the human body is made in this direction, it can be called abnormality. The abnormality in the body of the teenager was hidden for a long time. The boy was first diagnosed when he was one year old. The family took the boy to the doctor because of chest cold and phlegm. It was then that the boy’s heart was on the right side of the body after chest X-ray.

The child’s name is Shiaz Ghosh. Due to this physical abnormality, the doctor had to struggle to treat the boy at various times since childhood. Because if the heart is on the right side, then the condition of veins and arteries will be reversed accordingly. Therefore, if not treated properly, there will be a risk of death.

The child has not had any serious problems so far. No heart disease. However, he fell and broke his teeth as a child. Then he was taken to a dental hospital in Bangalore and had to undergo surgery. After the surgery, the doctors said that the baby’s heart was on the right side, but there were no physical complications.

If the heart is on the right side of the chest, then this condition is called in medical terms ‘Dextrocardia’ (Dextrocardia). Some people have been seen whose heart is on the right side, as well as the position of the spleen, lungs, liver has also changed. If such a person has heart disease or has undergone surgery such as bypass, the risk is greatly increased. Because doctors are usually used to operate on the left side of the heart There is a possibility of going wrong if all the organs, veins and arteries are on the opposite side And even the slightest mistake in bypass surgery can be fatal for the patient

Why is dextrocardia (Dextrocardia)?

The exact cause of dextrocardia is not known. Doctors say, problem of anatomy (Anatomical Problems). This condition is congenital. Abnormalities in the structure of the heart can occur when the fetus is growing in the womb, its body structure is being formed. The heart is made in the opposite direction instead of where it should be. Then it is called dextrocardia. Again isolated dextrocardia (isolated dextrocardia) can be seen. In that case, the heart remains in its proper position but faces to the right. That is also a kind of abnormality.

Doctors say some of the primary reasons why dextrocardia occurs. That is if there is a complication during the formation of various organs, cells and organs of the body. When the internal structure of the body is formed, the lungs, liver, spleen, esophagus, small intestine, large intestine take full form in their respective positions. The heart will form on the left side, so the rest of the organs, veins and arteries will adjust their position accordingly. If this whole process goes awry, abnormalities are created. Important organs like spleen, liver, lungs etc. can also be responsible for this abnormality. This is medically called multi-organ defect (Multi-organ defects) or heterotaxy syndrome (Multi-organ defects).

What are the symptoms? Is treatment possible?

Dextrocardia does not show any external symptoms. Abnormalities are detected by chest X-ray, MRI.

However, if there is isolated dextrocardia, it can lead to sinus, lung infection, pneumonia. Shortness of breath may also occur at times. The cilia (hair-like parts) of the lungs are then unable to filter out the dust, dirt, viruses, pathogens that enter from outside. This can result in frequent respiratory infections.

Many times patients with dextrocardia develop complex heart disease. In that case, the color of the skin and lips may turn blue, sometimes the patient may faint. At that time heart surgery was required.

A hole in the heart is often seen in children with dextrocardia. Liver problems also suffer, may cause frequent jaundice. As the position of the heart is reversed, there may be problems in blood circulation, then heart surgery is required. Doctors say that children with dextrocardia also have many rare diseases. For example, the heart is on the right side, but the spleen is not formed in the body. Babies born without a spleen. In such cases, the immune system of the child’s body breaks down, the infection can spread throughout the body.

If dextrocardia causes damage to other parts of the body, doctors try to bring the patient back to his normal state by installing a pacemaker or performing surgery.


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