Health Tips: Learn why Frozen Food can cause serious harm to your health

In today’s era, the trend of frozen food has increased greatly due to fast lifestyle. Nowadays in the market as frozen food can be purchased from kebabs to chicken, parantha, which shows its increasing demand. Frozen food is not very good for health.

Frozen food is therefore dangerous for the body

Hydrogenated palm oil is used in frozen food that contains harmful trans fats.
Preservatives like corn syrup made from starch and glucose are also used in this food which can be harmful for health.
There is also a lot of sodium in frozen food, due to which many health problems can occur in the body.
Consumption of frozen food can cause these harm to the body

Starch is used to keep frozen food fresh, enhance its taste and make it look good. But this high amount of sugar can increase the chances of diabetes. Which can be harmful for patients with diabetes.
Frozen food is not right for heart patients. Trans fats present in frozen foods increase the problem of clogged arteries. Trans fats increase bad cholesterol levels in the body and decrease good cholesterol. Which can be dangerous for heart health.
Fat is very high in frozen food. Fat has twice the amount of calories than carbohydrate or protein. Therefore, frequent intake of frozen food can cause weight gain.
Eating frozen meat can increase the chances of pancreatic cancer. Eating too much frozen food can cause many diseases in the body.


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