Health Tips: Eating fish can also cause harm, keep these things in mind

Health Tips: Health With Fish…Key Points In The Study Of Researchers: These days the number of people getting sick is increasing. Health depends on the food we eat. Compared to vegetarians.

These days the number of people getting sick is increasing. Health depends on the food we eat. Another study revealed that meat eaters have a higher risk of obesity than vegetarians. To be healthy, a person should eat nutritious foods. Our lifestyle depends on our health. Especially the number of people suffering from heart disease is increasing. A recent study was conducted based on information collected from 4,20,000 people who have suffered heart attacks in Britain. Research has revealed that vegetarians are less likely to die of heart-related diseases.

Recently, experts from the University of Glasgow (University of Glasgow) have done this research. The study was published in the European Heart Journal. Researchers have revealed that promoting a pescatarian diet may reduce the risk of heart disease. The researchers analyzed the details of how vegetarians, fish, poultry products, and meat eaters are at risk of developing heart disease or dying. Data for this was collected from UK Biobank.

Eating too much meat is dangerous

The researchers found that 94.7 percent of those who ate a lot of meat were more likely to suffer from obesity and heart disease than others. They say that people who only eat fish are less likely to suffer from heart stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases than those who eat more meat. It has been found that people who eat more meat tend to avoid foods high in fruits, vegetables, fiber, good fats and water.

Although vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease, they are found to eat more harmful fast food, smoothie drinks, pizzas, etc. than meat. They say that simply abstaining from meat and consuming other harmful substances will not reduce the effects of diseases at all. Those who ate only fish were found to be healthier compared to both groups. They are interested in eating home-cooked food.

They have less heart disease.

Study team member Jill Pell, a professor at the University of Glasgow, says pescatarian diets should be encouraged instead of meat. He said his research showed that those following a pescatarian diet were less likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke and heart failure. Reducing meat consumption is also good for the environment, he says. People who eat a lot of fish get polyunsaturated fats. Researchers reveal that these can effectively fight heart disease.


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