Health Tips: If you want to make your immune system strong, then make a distance from these things

Health Tips: Food Secrets That Increase Human Life Span, There Are Many Health Benefits If You Do This: Eating leftovers the next day will only make you lazier. Ayurvedic experts say that usually cooked food should be eaten within a few hours of cooking. In stored food items.

Many people do not like food cooked today and eaten tomorrow. If there is leftover food cooked in the morning in the house, it is not kept at night. If necessary, the food is eaten and the food is prepared again at night. All these are old days. In today’s modern era, everyone is busy. Due to this, there are many changes in lifestyle. Because of this, cooking was loved in the past.. Today there are times when it feels heavy. In the past, there was only one curry point in the village. In normal towns, there are two or three curry points per street. Some people prepare enough food for two or three days, store it, and heat it up before eating it. Ayurvedic medical experts say that this is not really good for health. According to Ayurvedic medical practices, cooked food should be consumed within 3 hours or at most on the same day. No matter how much we store our prepared food in airtight containers, it will not be fresh the next day. Definitely damaged. Ayurvedic experts say that keeping it in the fridge is not good for health.

Eating leftovers the next day will only make you lazier. Ayurvedic experts say that usually cooked food should be eaten within a few hours of cooking. It is said that stored foods have no energy and therefore make people more lethargic and lazy. Stored food has less ability to fight diseases. It affects the functioning of our immune system. Ayurvedic medical experts say that while fresh food provides mental cheerfulness, calmness and energy, stored food increases laziness.

Why not eat canned food?

Leftover food has little nutritional value. Constantly eating stored food causes lethargy in the body. People who eat leftovers every day are at a higher risk of suffering from clinical depression, say experts. In the absence of fridges, such problems would not have existed. They used to eat what was cooked. Or eat in a few hours. If they eat rice.. they take it with porridge.. or with buttermilk, that’s why people in the olden days were very strong. In today’s modern times, one curry is cooked for two days. Or many people cook more today and put it in the fridge to reduce the effort of cooking tomorrow. Moreover, they are taken out of the fridge and reheated, and eaten. That is why it is warned that it is the cause of increasing diseases. It is suggested to take proper precautions to avoid eating the rest of the food.

Prepare as much food as you need

Meals cooked today should be eaten on the same day instead of storing them for the next day. If there is still food left.. the same day food can be given to those who need food to ensure that there is no stockpiling of food.


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