Health tips: fennel is an important part of food, know its 3 big advantages and disadvantages

Health has many benefits where it is used in a variety of dishes, while it is also considered very beneficial for health. Aniseed is used in many arauvedic medicines. Many such nutrients are found in fennel, which are very important for health. Today we tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of eating fennel.


Eating fennel removes the stench of the mouth. This is why fennel is most commonly used as a mouth freshener. Chewing aniseed 3-4 times a day, the problem of bad breath is removed.
Many stomach problems can be reduced with the use of fennel. Fennel seeds are very good for the stomach, it helps in reducing indigestion and inflammation and increases digestive power. Stomach ache can also be reduced by its use.
If you want to lose weight, fennel can be useful for you. For this, you should consume fennel tea daily. Actually, fennel has fiber properties which help in controlling weight.
Loss of fennel

Like everything, fennel has some advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s talk about the loss: –

Excess intake of fennel makes the skin more sensitive due to which skin related problems can occur.
Aniseed should not be used by women who are breastfeeding. This may affect your baby’s health. Excess intake of fennel can be harmful for both the baby and the mother.
Excess intake of fennel may cause you an allergy problem. Keep in mind that fennel intake should be reduced while taking any type of medicines.


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