CBI, probing the Hathras incident, also interrogated the marathon with the victim’s family members on Wednesday for the second consecutive day. The victim’s father and the two brothers were questioned by the investigation team at the camp office for about seven hours. According to sources, all of them were confronted separately from the first three. During this, tight security arrangements were made outside the camp office.

On Wednesday afternoon, SDM Anjali Gangwar accompanied the CBI team to Boolgarhi village. The team brought the victim’s father and both brothers to the camp office set up at the CBI’s District Agricultural Officer office. The process of questioning started around 12 noon. According to sources, the first three were asked different questions. The list of questions for the three had already been prepared by the team. After this, all three were seated together on the basis of interrogation of the three. During this, questions were answered from all three. Videography and photography of this marathon inquiry is also being conducted.

It is said that the team got the location of the three, first information. What did you do first. The trio took all the information about taking the farm to the district hospital and from there to the AMU Trauma Center. The statements of the three were closely matched by inquiring deeply about who were present on the occasion. This process of questioning continued till about seven in the evening. After this, the local administration brought the father and sons from their vehicle to the village Boolgadhi. It is worth mentioning that on Monday, the CBI team had questioned the victim’s elder brother for four hours in the camp office after spending hours in the village. Tight security arrangements were made at the CBI camp office during this period. The administration also took full caution.



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