Investigation is going on in the case of Hathras gangrape in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, it is revealed in the investigation that fake relatives were camping in the victim’s village. The truth of a woman telling herself a relative has come to the fore. An alleged female relative has been seen in the victim’s family.

Police claim that she was tricking the victim’s family. According to the police, the so-called relative Dr. Rajkumari is seen tricking the families of the victims. Being a Dalit only, she had been a woman in the victim’s family for the last several days, taking the family members in confidence. The woman was calling herself a professor at Jabalpur Medical College.

According to the police, what is this fake relative to tell in the media, the victim’s family was constantly guiding them. The woman slipped away from the house as soon as the police suspected her. The woman can also be seen in the video, who was allegedly telling her name as a princess.

A woman sitting among the victims

SIT inquiry continues

However, the SIT team investigating the case called the accused’s family on Friday to question them. The families of the two accused were questioned by the SIT. Simultaneously, the investigation team has also called the neighbors of the victim’s family for questioning. Sources said that the SIT will interrogate 40 people.

This includes people who were around the farm on the day of the incident. Also, the SIT has questioned who was present at the scene of the village on the day of the victim’s funeral or was watching from a distance. The SIT team is constantly calling the villagers in the police line for questioning.



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