Has Mamata Put Shuvendu In The Offside Trap, The Opposition Leader Is Returning With A Clean Slate: Eemember Argentina’s first match in the World Cup? In the first half, Saudi Arabia repeatedly trapped Leo Messi in the offside trap. Lautaro Martinez had two consecutive goals disallowed for offside. The offside trap is seen in Bengal during the World Cup season! Many are jokingly saying, Didi (Mamata Banerjee) threw Subhendu Adhikari (Subhendu Adhikari) into the offside trap.

It was very simple. The West Bengal Assembly was in session on Friday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sent a message to Leader of Opposition Subvendu Adhikari through Marshall that he can come and meet. It is very natural that the chief minister-opposition leader will meet. But Shuvendu added the first layer of normality. He could not take the political risk of going alone to the chief minister’s office. Instead, take Agnimitra Paul, Manoj Tigga, and Ashok Lahiri with him. Shuvendu and the other three MLAs were in the Chief Minister’s house for only a few minutes. Then the news spread like wildfire.

After that, Shuvendu Adhikari can be seen saying, “It was a courtesy meeting”. He called me alone. But I went to meet with three other MLAs”.

Some of the media reported that Subhendu bowed to Mamata Banerjee with her hands and feet. Shuvendu dismisses that as baseless. But the situation later, it is as if God has become a ghost in the ten chakras. It happened.

On Saturday morning, when Dilip Ghosh was responding to questions from the media after his morning tour as usual, questions were also raised about Subhendu. Dilipbabu replied, “They have a very old relationship”. Another journalist asked, Shuvendu bowed to the Chief Minister with his hands and feet. In reply, Dilip said, many go to Kalighat to pay obeisance.

The matter did not stop here. On Saturday, Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee, BJP State President Sukant Majumder, Municipal Minister Firhad Hakim, and CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty gave their respective explanations and reactions. All in all, the waters are muddied.

According to observers, Mamata Banerjee is a seasoned politician. He may have guessed this and called Shuvendu. Subhendu went from Trinamool to BJP. After that, he became the leader of the opposition party in the assembly. Now again there is speculation within the BJP that he may become the state president of the party. But this matter is not the choice of many old leaders and workers of the state BJP. According to them, someone from outside will come and swing a knife on them. In other words, there is an invisible dividing line between the old and the new in the BJP. As a result, after Subhendu went to meet the Chief Minister, some people in the party are asking what was the need to go. Mamata Banerjee never did that in the left generation. He did uncompromising politics. Chumka is seen, Shubhendu has fallen offside.

In this context, the possibility that some political analysts started talking about on Friday, has started to happen. On this day, there was a meeting at Thakurnagar in Bangaon. It has been seen that Subhendu has criticized Mamata Banerjee with double enthusiasm. He said, “My political goal is to place the word ‘former chief minister’ before the name of Mamata Banerjee.” He also explained after Friday’s meeting with the Chief Minister. In other words, Shuvendu tried to explain that what happened in the assembly is nothing. His anti-compassion will continue.

According to some observers, it must now be clear what a masterstroke Mamata Banerjee has delivered! If the assembly meeting is a normal event, then why is there so much explanation about it? The more Shuvendu explains now, the clearer it is that he scored offside.


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