Haryana Board SET 2021: Teachers in government schools have demanded to conduct student evaluation examinations (SAT) in offline mode. Teachers say that most of the students are not able to appear in the online examination. Due to this, the SAT examinations have been badly affected. Therefore, exams for all classes in student interest should be taken offline so that students can be evaluated. In this regard, Haryana Primary Teacher Association District Faridabad has prepared to send a letter to the Directorate. At the same time, demand will be raised in this regard by meeting education officers at the district level as well.

The round of SAT was started from Monday,
according to the order given by the Directorate of School Education , the round of SAT started in schools of the district from Monday i.e. February 15. At the same time, till Friday, the Classes III to VI examinations have been completed. According to the released datasheet, the examination round will continue till March 2. As per the order issued earlier, the examinations were to begin from February 1. Examinations were to be completed by 12 February. But after the intervening peasant movement , examinations were postponed in view of internet services affected in different districts of the state.

Opportunities are being taken from the app, examinations are
significant. Currently, schools have been opened in the sixth to 12th districts of the district. Due to Kovid, it was planned to conduct the SAT exam both online and offline. Under this, examinations for students of class III to IX and 11th are being taken through the Opportunity App. While it has been decided to make examinations offline for students of class X and XII. But many students do not have smartphones as teachers and many students could not take the exam from the app due to technical difficulties. Therefore, orders should be taken to take examinations offline.

More than half of the children deprived of the examination
said that Chatur Singh of Pradhan of Haryana Primary Teacher’s Association, Faridabad, said that the set is being taken online in government schools. The primary wing examinations have been done. Not all children studying in government schools have smartphones. About 60 per cent of the parents have smartphones but most of them have not been able to get online paper. When teachers try to get the paper online, there is a problem in running the site. Therefore, we demand from the Education Department that orders should be given to conduct offline examination in primary schools also. It is important to take this decision in the interest of the student. General Secretary Rameshwar Yadav and Treasurer Mahendra Singh Adhana said that students and children are worried about the exam. The Education Department is expected to take a decision soon.


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