The Haryana Board will encourage the candidates not to cheat by writing anti-counterfeiting slogans on the blackboard daily. At the same time during the examination, such slogans will have to be written regularly at the examination centers. These orders have been given by the Haryana School Education Board to all districts. In fact, this plan has been made by the board to make the upcoming board exams duplicate free. Prior to the examination, the board has decided to carry out the anti-duplication campaign. Under this, the examinees will be made aware of not copying from various activities.

Students and employees will take the oath to stay away
from cheating The Haryana Board has ordered the District Education Officers that while issuing admit cards in schools, the Principal Secondary and Senior Secondary candidates will be administered the oath of not cheating during the examination. On the other hand, the Central Superintendent will also take an oath not to duplicate the staff involved in the examination work. During this period, compliance of the rules of Kovid-19 will also have to be ensured. Apart from this, during the upcoming examinations of the board, daily superintendent and supervisor will have to compulsorily write a slogan on the subject of cheating eradication in all the rooms of the examination center.

On the admit card, the anti-copy slogan will be printed
. On behalf of the Board, it has been decided to organize an essay competition to motivate the candidates under the cheating elimination campaign. The student whose slogan related to elimination will be in first place will be printed on the admit card to be released for the board’s annual examination. At the same time, cash prizes have been announced for the first, second and third place students in the competition. These winners will also be honored by giving a letter of appreciation at the state level ceremony. The competition at the school level is to be held by 23 February, while the board will announce the names of state level winners by 23 March.

Education officers will also give suggestions to stop
cheating. For the purpose of curbing cheating, the board has also sought suggestions from district education officers. In this regard, two days ago, Chairman of the Board Prof. Jagbir Singh had also taken a virtual meeting with all the district education officers of the state from the board headquarters. It was stated that the priority is to conduct board examinations without cheating. For this, active participation of education department especially district education officers is necessary. He has also sought views from all district education officials on measures to prevent duplication. At the same time, telling the role of teachers to be important in preventing duplication, they have been instructed to work with honesty. Haryana board examinations will be held late this time due to Kovid. The round of examinations will start from April 20. Examinations will be completed by 31 May. CBSE

Board examinations to be held from April 20
The examination round is also scheduled to start from May 4 with a delay of about three months. Experimental, project or internal assessment examinations have been clarified by CBSE that the exam will be conducted in the month of March. On the other hand, it has been decided by the Haryana Board to conduct the practical examinations in the subjects in which the practical examinations are to be conducted before the start of the written examination.

The plan is
to begin at a glance from April 20, Haryana Board examinations
will be held till February 23, school level competition
will be announced by March 23, state level winners will
get Rs 11 thousand, essay contest winner
will get Rs 51 hundred, and second place will get
Rs 31. The third person


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