Shantikunj chief Dr. Pranav Pandya has been given a clean chit by Haridwar police in the case of rape. On finding no evidence of misdeeds, the police imposed FR in the case. Other evidence, including an audio recording, was considered the basis of the final report. However, SSP Senthil Avudai Krishnaraj S said that he cannot comment on the matter until the investigation documents are submitted to the court.

A young woman from Chhattisgarh had filed a lawsuit against the Gayatri family, Shantikunj chief Dr Pranab Pandya and his wife Shailbala for rape and threatening to open their mouths in the case. The police was investigating in this case.

These things are considered Aadhar –
Police got an audio recording of the woman, in which she was saying that Pandya did not do anything wrong. The victim was called several times to get the audio to match, but she did not come. The girl came to Haridwar on the court’s order. He refused to have a voice match.
-The woman was accused of raping between 2010 and 2013. She then left from here. However, the investigation revealed that the woman also came to Shantikunj camp in 2015, 2016. 
– Police of women living with women took statements in Chhattisgarh-Jharkhand. The women said that, they never felt that something wrong had happened to her.


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