Hari-Harish: We Made ‘Yashoda’ With Things We Saw And Read In The News: The movie ‘Yashoda’ where Samantha played the title role. Produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad under Sridevi Movies banner, the film is directed by Hari and Harish. It is releasing as a pan-India movie this Friday. On this occasion, the director duo Hari and Harish interacted with the media.

We have done Tamil movies ‘Oru Iravu’, ‘Ambuli’, ‘Aa’, and ‘Jambulingam’. They are new in terms of ideas and making. They are all experiments too. But in terms of scale, ‘Yashoda’ is a big movie. In our first movie ‘Oru Iravu’ there will be no hero heroines. The audience is the hero. As it was the point of the movie, we faced a different challenge. Our intention is always to make a new point in terms of story. This story also requires a huge budget! The producer said that if we want to make it in three to four crores, we have increased the budget. In the beginning, we have prepared a version that can be made at a low cost. While writing the script, we kept Samantha in mind. But will we do it with her? or not don’t know That’s why we wrote it to be done in a low budget. Why not do it on a massive scale when told to a producer? ‘The content is good. Have a global reach. Let’s make it a Pan India movie in five languages’ he said. It becomes possible to do that when there is a star cast. After meeting Samantha, we wanted to do it on a huge scale. Not Pan India, Pan World will also be new to the audience. Now there is a lot of discussion on surrogacy. But surrogacy is not the main story. That’s part of the story! That’s why we said it openly. There is more to the story than surrogacy. We wrote the script based on what we saw and read in the news. You will be shocked when you see the movie. No one has any idea what is happening around us in the world.

After developing the script, we added suspense elements. After that, the screenplay became more interesting. What will happen next? There is tension in the audience. The reason for making this movie in Telugu is because of my friend Senthil, the executive producer of this movie. He thought about the story rather than his selfishness. Krishna Prasad told us that we will make a huge pan India scale, so we prepared a story accordingly and told Samantha. And her contribution to shooting is unforgettable. No matter how big the emotional scene is, they ask for two minutes. Glycerin is also not used. Whatever we wanted… they gave it easily. ‘Are you okay? Want one more?’ They used to ask. Samantha’s health condition came to know during the post-production work. She never disturbed the shooting. For her, work means dedication. He doesn’t want anyone to be bothered by him.

This is a medical mafia movie. There are many movies on surrogacy. During the lockdown, many poor women gave their pregnancies to surrogacy for money. If twins are born, they will get more money. They are okay with that too. We built a huge set for the Surrogacy Fertility Center and named the center ‘Eva’. If you watch the movie, you will know why that name was given. Pan India so we wanted to connect people of all states. Producer Sivalenka Krishnaprasad

They not only gave what the story required but also selected people who knew Telugu and Tamil. We were taken care of without any hassle. Mani Sharma, Marthand K. Venkatesh, Sukumar… each of them have done a hundred or two films. The writer of the words Pulagam Chinnarayana, and Dr. Challa Bhagyalakshmi made sure the flow was easy. Our feeling was well conveyed. We approached them with a bound script. After that, we added some of the things they said. Varalakshmi will see Sarath Kumar anew. Overall, ‘Yashoda’ is an emotional thriller. Rajamouli Garu who says that there should be emotion in every scene is our inspiration. After this film, we are doing another film under the production of Shivalenka Krishnaprasad.


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