Harassment Of The Teacher Of Delhi, After A Year The Job Of The Foreign Diplomat! Courtesy Of A Blind Dog: Sonya Ghosh, professor of the English Department of Delhi University, went out to feed the stray dogs in the evening like every day. Sonia could not find a single dog even though she fed the rest of the dogs that day on the street of Vasant Kunj. He is a blind dog, he is old. Where did he go? A worried Sonia entered the house where the dog was staying. He also rings the bell placed in front of the door.

But he didn’t even think that the consequences of looking for a dog could be like this! Malik came out of the house, who is actually Charandas Persaud, the Indian High Commissioner of Guyana in South America. He came to this country in March 2021. Since then he lived in that house. The 63-year-old high commissioner became furious when he asked about the dog. He started insulting Sonia by saying what is not.

The conversation between Sonia and Charandas was videotaped by Sonia’s driver that night. In the video, which went viral on social media last year, Charandas can be seen verbally attacking Sonia for finding the dog. Charandas can be heard saying to the masked Sonia standing outside the gate of the house in the semi-darkness, ‘If you want a dog, take it and put it between your legs. You want to fuck the dog!’ Sonia, a professor at an elite college in Delhi, was shocked. He can be heard saying back, ‘I don’t care who you are.’ Charandas is heard using more profanity toward Sonia. This is where the video ends.

Not realizing that the dog can be traced from Charandas, Sonia asks an employee of the house about it. You can find out that the dog has been picked up and dumped on the main road.

Sonia filed a complaint at the local police station in August last year. Apart from teaching, he is also known as an animal rights activist. However, his main reason for approaching the police was to find the dog. However, he also alleged that a diplomat representing India abroad used indecent language toward a woman. The complaint was sent by email to the station house officer of Basant Kunj and the deputy commissioner of police of the southwest district. Sonia also included that video in the email.

But, Charandas Parsad is protected from any criminal case by virtue of being a senior diplomat. The Vienna Commission of Diplomatic Relations of 1961 gave special protection to such diplomats, as a result of which no local police could charge him in any criminal case. In case of any such complaint, the police should first report the matter to the Ministry of External Affairs of India. Then the matter will be considered according to the importance of the incident.

The local police station did not proceed with the complaint filed by Sonia. The dog was not found. Realizing that this would not be beneficial, in September last year, the senior professor filed a complaint under the Right to Information Act (RTI) with the Delhi Police. The RTI reply revealed the names of three ‘eyewitnesses’ who denied the High Commissioner’s misbehavior towards Sonia. A written reply also informed that no one has the right to enter the farmhouse without permission. It was also informed that the High Commissioner came in the car and left in the car. Even his driver is not allowed to park unless instructed. Thus, there is no evidence of the use of sexually abusive words toward Sonia in these circumstances.

After that Charandas was apparently given a clean chit and the case was closed. Sonia said that in the entire incident, the driver of her car, that is, the one who recorded the whole incident on camera, was not questioned by the investigators. Sonia understood that there will be no further progress with this. He also gave up the illusion of the dog. He assumed that the dog might have died on the road.

A whole year has already passed. Little did Sonia know, the video that the police of her own country branded her as a liar after seeing it, so long, that video has created a storm in a country 14 thousand kilometers away. Recently, that video spread through social media in Guyana. The news about the matter also came out in the press of that country. After that it caught the eye of the government of Guyana. After this, Guyana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also released a statement on this issue on October 25. Acknowledging the incident a year ago, it was also reported that the Indian government had given a clean chit to Charandas after the investigation.

A day later, Guyana’s President Irfan Ali again said that journalists had shown him the video. He also spoke to Charandas about the matter. Ali also said that Charandas claims that the video does not contain the full details of what actually happened and that he has been proven innocent by the Indian government. Following this, Irfan Ali said in a Facebook video message last week that Charandas wanted to leave his posting in India keeping in mind the image and best interests of Guyana to the world. Simply put, he was dismissed from the job with the consent of Charandas.

What do you think of Sonia after all this? He said that he came to know about the whole matter through a Facebook post. “It’s good to see that the President of Guyana has a conscience, which our country’s police do not have,” he said. He probably didn’t really think, after being sexually assaulted in his own country a year ago, he was found innocent for ‘lack of evidence, that Charandas, years later in a country 14,000 km away, would be punished for his misdeeds!

That must be karma, thinks Sonia.

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