IPL 2020: RCB captain Virat Kohli shares 'pool photo', Varun Dhawan did comment

Happy Birthday Virat Kohli: Vegan Or Vegetarian! Virat’s Complete Diet Chart Was Leaked On His Birthday: Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness: Fans are endlessly curious about his fitness mantra, diet chart. Likewise, millions of fans from home and abroad followed his path.

Today is a very special day for cricket lovers. Virat Kohli’s fans all over the world are celebrating his birthday by cutting a cake. On November 5, Virat Kohli (Happy Birthday Virat Kohli) turned 34. Currently busy with T20 Worldcup 2022 matches in Australia. But what happens if you don’t celebrate the birthday of the world’s best batsman like Virat Kohli? From the Indian team in T20 World Cup, India, cricket lovers from all over the world are celebrating Virat’s birthday with fanfare today. Known as one of the fittest and most successful cricketers in the cricket world. Virat’s emphasis on a healthy lifestyle as well as diet and workout is a little different. There is no end to the curiosity of fans about his fitness mantra, and diet chart. Likewise, millions of fans from home and abroad followed his path. The former captain is quite active on social media. He shares his daily exercise, diet, and exercise routine with his fans. Even in interviews, he never hid anything about his lifestyle, diet chart, and fitness. Virat has been candid about being health conscious.

In 2019, Virat Kohli was once seen giving a response on social media. During the session, he was asked about his diet. He said openly, usually a lot of vegetables. I like to have a few eggs, 2 cups of black coffee, pulses, Kyono, lots of spinach, and those. Eat everything but what is important is to watch how much you eat. Virat emphasizes eating in controlled quantities.

But do you know what is on Virat’s list of favorite foods? Virat lovers have been asked this question but not many people know that Virat Kohli is a vegetarian. He also posted about this diet on social media. Among Virat’s favorite foods are the popular dishes of Delhi. Rajma-Chawal, Chola Bhature, and Mushroom Dumplings. Not only Virat, Anushka Sharma is also very conscious about her health and fitness. Virushka is one of the best celebrity couples in India. A post revealed what the two stars eat throughout the day, their go-to food list. According to that list, the diet chart of two celebrities is given here…

Breakfast: Kohli prefers boiled vegetables with quinoa. It maintains overall body balance. On the other hand Anushka Than some boiled egg whites.

Mid-morning snacks – Virat likes to eat veggie cheese toast. On the other hand, Anushka prefers to sip coconut water this time.

Lunch- Virat likes to eat light food with fruit and an omelet. Anushka also eats light meals for lunch. This leading actress of Bollywood eats dal, roti, and sabzi for her daily lunch.

Coffee Time- Both are great coffee lovers. Anushka, however, prefers to sip a hot cappuccino. On the other hand, Kohli opted for black coffee without sugar.

Dinner – Dinner also has healthy food. Both the celeb couples enjoy a meal cooked with lots of vegetables for dinner. Virat leaves a bowl of veggie salad and Anushka eats two pieces of toasted bread and vegetables.


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