Prabhas's film 'Adipurush' has a strong entry of this powerful actress, all will be heavy

Happy Birthday Prabhas: Darling In The Hearts Of Fans Not Only As A Rebel Star But Also As A Maharaja With A Heart: For that, the hardships faced by movie stars are not so much. However, not everyone is successful. But one hero came into films with his father and grandfather and now he has created a huge fan base on his own.

It is not that much of a shame to succeed in the film industry as heir. Entry into the industry can be given easily but after coming, one has to meet the expectations of the audience. For that, the hardships faced by movie stars are not so much. However, not everyone is successful. But one hero came into movies with his father and grandfather and now he has formed a huge fan base on his own. Until yesterday, this hero continued as a star hero in Tollywood. Now it is not only Pan India. He is our darling Prabhas. Today is Prabhas’ birthday.

And Prabhas starrer Baahubali movie is enough to say no matter how little is said about him.. If Prabhas is walking hard like Amarendra Baahubali, Rajante should be like this. 2000 crores collection worldwide, the wax statue of that cutout, which has won a place in millions of hearts, has been installed in Madame Tussauds Museum in Bangkok. After his father Surya Narayana Raju, who was a producer, and grandfather Krishnam Raju, who was a hero, Prabhas entered the industry with Ishwar as a successor and achieved huge successes like Varsha, Chhatrapathi, Billa, Darling, Mr. Perfect, Mirchi, Baahubali, Saaho. In turn, he went from rebel star to Pan Indian star and won an international fan following.

If the director Rajamouli himself said that there would be no Baahubali film without Prabhas, one can understand the level of his dedication. For 20 years, growing up in the hearts of the audience as an uncrowned maharaja, Prabhas continues to call his co-actors and the rest of the team affectionately as ‘darling’ even after reaching the level of receiving the highest salary in the country. The famous producers and directors who have worked with him without getting involved in any controversy in his career say that they want to work with him again and again.

Currently, not only Tollywood, Bollywood, but the whole world is waiting for Prabhas’s film. Directed by National Award winning director Om Raut, ‘Adipurush’ is a film based on Ramayana with a budget of around 500 crores. Prabhas, who is naturally dressed to match the portrayal of Rama in Valmiki’s Ramayana, will be seen as Raghava Rama in this film, with full 3D technology and visual effects of 250 crores. Also, ‘Salar’ is the first big film in India to be made using dark centric theme technology with KGF film director Prashant Neel and Prabhas as the hero. It is noteworthy that the actors and technicians who have worked in the film say that the action and visuals will be at a level that has never been seen before.

There are huge expectations on ‘Project K’, which is being made as a huge science fiction film with a budget of around 500 crores in a famous production company like Vyjayanthi Movies. While Pan Indian actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone will be part of it, the film will have a huge market in the world with Mahanati director Nag Ashwin joining Prabhas. Apart from this, Arjun Reddy’s director Sandeep Reddy Vanga and director Maruthi’s big films are also going to start soon.

For the past 20 years, Prabhas has done many service programs. Many huge donations were made during floods and during covid. He also adopted 1650 acres of Khajipalli Reserve Forest land and provided many facilities for the development of an Eco Park in his father’s name. Prabhas has earned a place in everyone’s hearts not only as a rebel star but also as a good-hearted Maharaja.


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