Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with happu getting afraid seeing rajesh with vimlesh protecting a knife heading toward him. He hits his head to a pillar and falls unconscious. Kat rushes to call rickshaw and when she returns see them carrying happu’s frame out searching rickshaw. Commissioner with manohar walks in and seeing happu’s frame says looks like happu is useless. Manohar acts and says he has to become inspector now. Amma walks in next and cries asking rajesh if she killed happu eventually. Rajesh asks why could she. Kat says she noticed vimlesh digging ground. Happu wakes up calling amma and hides in the back of her in fear seeing rajesh and vimlesh.

Vimlesh explains entire tale. Commissioner walks away with manohar. Kamlesh says all of the hassle is due to her boon by means of a beggar, she will should request him to take again his boon. Next morning, happu accompanies kat and seek beggar. Kat notices beggar. Happu warns him to take lower back his boon. Beggar denies. Happu threatens to arrest him. Kat acts as falling asleep and dream of beggar romancing a model with skimpy clothes. Beggar warns now not to dream that as he is a god fearing man. Happu asks to take back his boon them. Beggar does. Kat asks him to provide her some exact boon. He runs away. Subsequent morning, family waits for kat to return down and describe her dream. Kat walks down. They all ask her to give an explanation for her dream as they are really tensed.

Kat smiles and says she slept peacefully like a infant and didn’t watch any dream. Family thanks god. Happu explains how he threatened beggar to take lower back his boon. Amma pampers him and rajesh praises his bravery. Amma says they ultimately got rid off awful dreams. Ranbir walks down and says he saw a bad dream. Happu asks what did he see. Ranbir says he saw happu with blackened face riding a donkey. Within the nighttime, kamlesh walks to kat and seeks her assist in studies. She denies and asks him to look at himself. Subsequent morning,

kat prays god. Happu jokes if she is praying for a tenth infant. She scolds him and promotes bal shiv serial from monday to friday in & tv. Happu visits police station and discusses his problem with manohar. Manohar informs him that commissioner asked to look ahead to him and he thinks he might be punished even these days. Commissioner walks in. Happu greets him and asks why he desired to satisfy him. Commissioner says he did something certainly horrific. Happu requests no longer to blacken his face. Commissioner praises happu for catching a gang and asks him to shut his eyes. Happu closes. Commissioner indicates him a money bundle and offers him 100 rs out of it.

Precap: no precap.


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