Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins with kat and malaika watching for kamlesh. Malaika says bat kamlesh hasn’t come but. Kat cries that she can lose sleep and splendor, but nobody is concerned approximately her. Malaika says circle of relatives’s peace is greater vital than her sleep. Kamlesh enters as usual thru window and asks why did they call him. Kat says if she doesn’t sleep complete night, she can not get any dream. Kamlesh how. Malaika says he needs to keep kat wide awake entire night. Kamlesh gets glad. Kat asks him to talk with her and make sure she doesn’t sleep. Kamlesh begins bragging.

Malaika warns him to prevent bragging in any other case she can kick him out. Kat asks him no longer to gloat. Kamlesh starts every other tale and falls asleep. Kat additionally falls asleep and watches a dream of rajesh walking toward happu holding a knife, vimlesh digging a pit, and they both dragging happu’s body toward pit. Next morning, rajesh takes beni on wheelchair to have paan. Their traditional nok jhok begins. Kat with kamlesh rush to them and display that she fell asleep by some means and aw horrific dream of rajesh taking walks in the direction of happu retaining a knife, vimlesh digging a pit, and they both dragging happu’s frame closer to pit.

Happu trashes kamlesh for failing in his project. Kamlesh says he defined an extended story to kat and himself fell asleep. Happu asks why would rajesh kill her. Kat says she saw it in dream. Beni says vimlesh could be trapped in a homicide case and he doesn’t know to store her. Happu scolds him that his satisfactory friend will die and he’s contemplating saving is spouse. Beni says vimlesh is his simplest spouse, after a few years pals are unimportant and simplest wife is critical. Kamlesh says happu’s scenario is of washerman’s canine. Happu scolds him. Kamlesh says he has angry rajesh a lot that she desires too kill him. Happu returns domestic. Rajesh says blood, then says her nail polish looks like blood. He says it seems like tamato color. She says she will be able to preserve knife below her pillow to keep off awful goals.

He gets afraid, then appears at a letter. Rajesh orders him to read it. Happu reads that he is rajesh’s vintage boyfriend who heard she married an unsightly obese policeman, she will kill her husband and get returned to him as he’s nonetheless watching for her. Rajesh says he turned into her antique stalker. He says he is glad that even now many are mad in the back of his spouse. Vimlesh is going to kitchen to put together meals and panics seeing a dead rat. Beni enters and jokes. She asks him to throw the rat out. Beni says he is allergic to rat. She asks him to leave and gigs a pit in backyard at night time murmuring she needs to bury useless frame soon before it rottens. Kat receives afraid listening to her and runs away. Vimlesh calls rajesh and seeks her help. Happu informs amma that rajesh is making plans to kill him to return back to her antique boyfriend. Amma receives worried and is going to wish god. Kat cries that her father will die. Happu calls commissioner and seeks his help. Rahesh with vimlesh walks to him preserving knife.

Precap: no precap.

precap-rajveer says my pals are coming tonight. Prepare the quality dinner for them. Contend with them. Seher says don’t fear, we are able to put together everthing. Rajveer brings a few goons and says this house is yours for tonight. Celebration, dance, ruin matters. If all people comes between our birthday party we will destroy them.


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