Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with beni suffering again sprain and writhing in pain lying out of doors house. Kat with rajesh and chamchi rush to him and ask what happened to him. He says he’s simply enjoyable. Vimlesh explains that he tried to lift her and suffered extreme again sprain. Beni asks why she is insulting him. Kat asks if vimlesh mausi/aunty is so heavy. Vimlesh says she is light and indicates her cat stroll. Kat praises her. Beni requests to call the physician and take him to health facility.

Rajesh thinks kat’s dreams are coming authentic. Happu returns domestic within the night. Rajesh says she is worried that kat’s desires are coming actual and hopes something incorrect doesn’t manifest. Happu scolds her and sends her to serve him dinner. He thinks if kat watches him in her dream, he may additionally get into hassle. Subsequent morning, rajesh and happu talk kat’s dreams with amma. Amma says naaspeti is seeing best inauspicious goals. Kat runs to happu and requests him now not to go to police station today as she noticed a completely terrible dream. He says he can be felicitated in police station nowadays.

Kat says she saw a dream of commissioner punishing happu and making him fowl. Happu doesn’t consider her. Rajesh requests him now not to visit police station today. Happu says he will live telecast his felicitation video and they all will watch it. Amma supports him whilst rajesh continues pleading him no longer to move. Happu reaches police station and tells manohar that commissioner might also salute him for his bravery and asks him to stay record his video and upload it in net. Commissioner walks in. Happu asks if he’s happy along with his bravery. Commissioner scolds him that he stuck an undercover officer as opposed to a gangster and orders to convey him out quickly.

Happu apologizes officer and brings him out. Commissioner and officer scold him and order him to mimic as cock as a punishment or be geared up for transfer. Happu helplessly sits in cock function. Happu requests manohar not to submit his video. Manohar says he already did and says he is getting plenty of remarks. Rajesh excitedly informs vimlesh and beni that happu is felicitated today. Vimlesh applies warm compresses on beni’s back and scolds him to get properly quickly and start doing household. Kat sends happu’s video link to rajesh.

Rajesh watches his punishment video. Beni laughs. Rajesh famous that kat receives destiny goals and saw his back sprain earlier than it passed off. All through dinner, rajesh says they want to do some thing concerning kat’s dream. Circle of relatives discusses distinct ideas. Malaika shows they shouldn’t let kat sleep to permit her watch any dream. Kat says she can get dark circle and pale pores and skin if she doesn’t sleep. Happu scolds and insists to agree for her father’s sake. Own family convinces her. Malaika says bat kamlesh will keep her conscious.

Precap: no precap.


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