Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins offevolved with Happu taking part in samosa with Manohar and praising its cook. Reshampal walks in and says he goes on a holiday together along with his spouse for per week. Manohar jokes that he has visible how Reshampal’s spouse beats him. Reshampal shuts his mouth and orders Happu to attend to police station in his absence. Happu says he want now no longer fear as he’ll recall police station as his residence. Manohar jokes that he already considers police station as his domestic and visits each time he desires to. Happu asks while will he obtain bribe then and says he protects residents loyally and listens to their plea. Reshampal warns Happu now no longer to disturb him for the duration of his excursion and walks away. Happu scolds Manohar for insulting him.

At domestic for the duration of dinner, Chamchaji informs own circle of relatives approximately Kanpur mela and asks while will they go to mela. Rajesh says there might be a large crowd and children may fit missing, so she can not take them mela. Kat in her damaged English says many overseas vacationers go to mela and there might be scarcity of hotels, such a lot of Kanpur residents lease their residence and earn a variety of money. Happu asks what does she mean. Kat explains in Hindi. Rajesh says her pal earns 4000 rs in step with day. Ranbir excitedly says which means 1 month lease is. Rajesh says 1,20,000 rs. Children say they’ll be wealthy in the event that they lease out their residence. Amma says even she will be able to have a excessive first-class liquor. Happu asks wherein will they live in the event that they lease their residence.

Amma says they’ll shift to Beni’s residence. Happu asks why have to they disturbed newly married couple. Rajesh says Vimlesh has long gone to Bedouin and has referred to as Beni there. Happu doesn’t agree and walks away. Amma asks Rajesh to persuade Happu in her style. Rajesh hesitantly is of the same opinion. Rajesh walks to Happu and says she feels involved for him seeing his difficult paintings in managing own circle of relatives. He says he is aware of her intentions and asks her to inform her youngsters to reduce their expenses. She lures him together along with her splendor subsequent. He falls for it and is of the same opinion to shift to Beni’s residence subsequent morning.

Dadaji asks Amma how can she move farfar from him as he can see right here simplest on this residence. She says she goes for only a week. He disagrees. She says she can be able to romance him like she did in Rishikesh. He says in no way as he’s bearing its burnt until now, Happu changed into born after that trip. Happu walks in with Rajesh and sits on Dadaji’s chair. Amma says his father is sitting on it. Happu sits subsequent to amma and greets Dadaji. He informs Amma that tenant is coming to speak about approximately lease, she shouldn’t agree for much less than 6000 rs.

Amma asks him to permit Rajesh talk as she is professional in bargaining. Tenant visits and begins offevolved blabbering. Amma asks him to permit Happu talk. Happu says he goes to Manali on a holiday with own circle of relatives and could lease his residence for per week for 6000 rs in step with day. Tenant says he pays 3000 rs. Happu finalizes deal for 4000 rs. Next day, he with own circle of relatives visits Beni’s residence who additionally informs that he rented his residence for per week as he goes to go to Vimlesh. Amma slaps him and says he’s greedy.

Children monitor they rented their residence and got here right here. Beni says even amma is greedy. Amma slaps him again. Beni asks Happu to go back his tenant’s advance, they’ll live in Happu’s residence and he pays 50% of lease received. Happu is of the same opinion and seeing tenant coming asks him to cancel his deal. Tenant needs 8000 rs or look forward to 1 week. Happu fails to persuade him.

Precap: No precap.


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