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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

IPS officer lists ‘harassment’ by Tamil Nadu DGP: Female IPS on one. The officer has filed a sexual assault charge. In the complaint he sent to senior government officials, the Special DGP, a female IPS officer, was arrested. The IPS officer allegedly grabbed the officer’s hand, kissed him and told him to sing, and sent special officers to stop the passenger on the Trichy-Chennai highway. He also called the officer’s father-in-law and tried to reach a compromise.

The Chennai High Court has automatically come forward and taken up the case (suo motu). The CPCID has also stated that it will directly oversee the investigation. The media has also banned the use of the names of the accused and the victim in the case. The CPCID, which began its investigation on Tuesday, said it was not aware of the allegations. The team, led by direct witnesses and senior IPS officers. Authorities have begun investigating the victim.

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The senior IPS officer, in his complaint, said that on February 21 in Karur, Bandobast was engaged in work during the Chief Minister’s campaign. The Special DGP told the IPS officer that he could come to the next place in his car while carrying out security operations for the Chief Minister’s campaign at various places that evening. The two traveled to the next places in the car of the special DGP. In the meantime, the Special DGP called his security officer. He told me to come and travel behind the vehicle.

From the third place, when the IPS officer was on his way to the place where he was finishing his work, the Special DGP said. The officer offered him a snack. He also gave a pillow to “Headrest”. The Special DGP then persuaded the officer to sing, as he continued to sing. Then he asked me to give him a hand. The special DGP held out his hand and sang, thinking that he was asking for a hand to congratulate him for his excellent work. IPS for 20 minutes. Kissed the officer’s hand. The female officer told him that this was not correct and had recorded her protest. However again the special DGP, who had the color holding his hand, showed the female IPS officer the photos taken while he was on duty, He said that these are the most favorite pictures on his phone. Special DGP tries to grab his hand again before getting out of the car.

The next day he lodged his first complaint at the police headquarters in Chennai. Later, when the DGP came to Chennai from Karur to meet the Home Secretary, he lodged a second complaint about criminal activities. The complaint said, “Following the special DGP. He tried to contact himself by phone. But the IPS officer did not pick up the phone and sent a text message to call back. He phoned three IPS officers and appealed to them to ask the female IPS officer to make the trip. Before reaching Chennai, Chengalpattu S.P. Kannan steers his car. The special police vehicle was parked in front of the IPS officer’s car. The driver of the vehicle and the security officer were asked to get out of the vehicle. Then they took the car key.

He mentioned in his complaint that I was left alone in the car which caused me immense fear. Special DGP to park your vehicle. The IPS officer also stated in the complaint that Kannan had told him that. When I asked him which way to go to Chennai, Kannan refused.

Kannan also urged the special DGP to speak to him. Five minutes later he picked up the special DGP’s phone and spoke. He then said, “I fall at your feet and apologize for what happened.” He then told her to meet the present Chief of Police and tell Kannan the way out. It has a special DGP. Our conversations are being recorded. And intelligence officials are asking for this. So I said I had to tell you what happened.

When I said your friend, we were not friends. I (IPS officer post not included) you are Special DGP. என்றேன். I wish you well and friend. I’m coming after you. I’ll be back in a little while. He said we can talk. After informing the Special Officer about the events surrounding the Chief Minister’s visit, Kannan asked the IPS officer to give way.

On the same day, a special DGP was sent to the IPS officer’s father-in-law. Someone on behalf called and called for a compromise. His phone number is recorded in the complaint. He, DGP. They have said that he acted unnecessarily and is ready to fall on his feet and apologize for what happened. He cut off the call as he knew nothing about the matter.

According to the IPS officer, the Special DGP had abused his powers and implicated the officers in the matter. Chengalpattu said the use of the SBI and his Striking Force was the culmination of a misuse of police powers and that it was a crime to send IPS officers to speak to me in his favor. He said it was very wrong to call people at home and try to withdraw the complaint. He said the authorities should immediately remove the Special DGP from the head office and if not, they may try to change the course of the case.

Senior officials and opposition leaders demanded the immediate removal of the Special DGP. The Tamil Nadu government removed him from office on February 24 and placed him on a waiting list.


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