Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Amma admonishing the children. Rajjo comes there and asks Amma for what good reason would she say she is reproving the children? Amma says they are not children, yet phantoms. Rajjo asks what was the deal? Hritik says nothing. Kat comes there. hritik asks where is she going? Kat says to pass on. hritik says who kicks the bucket wearing pleasant dress, twists and so forth Kat says when I pass on, God will take a gander at her. She says she will get the pics clicked. Rajjo advises that Happu went to bring the photographic artist for the family photograph shoot. Kat and different children go to prepare. Rajjo requests that Amma prepare. Amma says she is regular magnificence and haven’t finished any make up. Rajjo asks whose powder you have applied at that point? Amma says I don’t utilize.

The Photographer gets some information about his family. Happu says they will be coming. Every one of the children come there with Amma and Rajjo. Kamlesh comes there and remains behind Kat. The picture taker takes the pic. Amma checks it and says it is acceptable, yet the thing is Kamlesh doing here. Happu admonishes him and requests that he go. He at that point requests that Photographer click pic once more. Picture taker takes pic once more. Kamlesh comes and sits infront of them. Happu signs his family to come infront and the photographic artist clicks their pics. Rajjo requests that the photographic artist click their heartfelt pic. Amma tells that she will get the pics clicked and discloses to them that they have 9 children, and still needs heartfelt pics. She presents and the photographic artist taps the pics. Happu and Rajjo present at that point and get the pics clicked. Later Rajjo appreciates the pics holding tight the divider. Kamlesh says kat is looking lovely. Ranbir tells that Rajjo and happu are looking unsatisfactory to one another, because of their statures. Happu hears them and thinks after such countless long periods of marriage, he came to realize that his stature is not exactly Rajjo.

Later Amma is conversing with the children. Rajjo comes there and tells that her dearest companions Sanju and Mohini are coming there, and are extremely rich. She requests that Amma ask happu to return home early and requests that Chamchi wear decent garments, so they will look rich. Amma says we will look rich on the off chance that we have workers. Kamlesh comes there and calls Kat. Rajjo gets a thought and requests that Kat manage her job. Kat is stunned. Rajjo offers her 2000 Rs. Kat takes Kamlesh with her. She advises that she can’t converse with him infront of everybody. She tells that her mom’s companions are coming who are rich, so we need Servants. Kamlesh asks from where to bring? Kat inquires as to whether you become Servant for an hour then I will give you an amazement. Kamlesh figures she will reveal to I love you. Kat says shock is that you will resemble a rich Servant of a rich house. Kamlesh says I can do anything for you.

Later everybody in the house sits tight for Rajjo’s companions, Sanju and Mohini. They come there. Sanju is exceptionally tall and contrasts his tallness and Happu. Mohini gets some information about her better half? Happu says who can be her significant other as per you. Mohini says you… Happu says indeed, I am her significant other. Sanju says there is no one infront of me. He peers down. Rajjo acquaints her companions with Amma. Amma says Rajjo is my fan. Rajjo calls Kamlesh as Ramu Kaka and says she pays him 15000 Rs. She requests that he talk in English. Kamlesh gets vexed. Happu makes Sanju wear wreath with much trouble. Children snicker. Rajjo makes Mohini wear laurel. They get inside the house. Kat requests that Kamlesh come.

Precap: Rajjo catches wind of the couple rivalry and gets some information about his tallness. Happu says 5′ 11″. Rajjo says alright and closes the call. Happu gets strained.


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