Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins offevolved with Kat awaiting Kamlesh and getting irritated while he doesn’t attain on time. A beggar requests to present him something. She offers him a lecture and reveals simplest 10 rs in her pocket. She stocks five rs with a beggar and prays god to expose her destiny if she can. Beggar says she may be very type hearted and blesses to satisfy her wish. Kat receives a dream of Rajesh and Vimlesh dancing in garden sporting chania choli. Chamchi wakes her up and asks her to awaken and get her facial done. Kat wakes up and says she is having excessive headache. Chamchi says she is simply too small to rub down her head. Kat describes her dream of Vimlesh and Rajesh dancing in garden sporting chania choli. Chamchi says her dream will now no longer satisfy as papa will now no longer get mummy chania choli and jokes that its true she did dream of mummy and Vimlesh maus/aunty making papa and Beni uncle dance.

At night, Happu brings chania choli present for Rajesh. Beni additionally brings chania choli present for Vimlesh. Vimlesh receives happy. Beni asks what is going to she present in return. Vimlesh says a kiss if the present is of 500 rs above and in any other case only a flying kiss. Beni asks what if its of underneath 250 rs. She says he ought to sleep in garden then. Rajesh loves Happu’s present and asks purpose for gifting with none purpose. He asks why can’t he. Vimlesh additionally loves present. Beni says she can be able to appear like a princess on this dress. Happu says he offered it from a close-by mela. Vimlesh says there need to be kashmiri pashmina and Punjabi dupatta. Beni says it become ultimate day of mela and it need to have ended via way of means of now. She says she can be able to loot him subsequent time and is going to put on it. Happu additionally insists Rajesh to put on it and is going out. Rajesh says he’ll fall subconscious seeing her splendor.

Happu with own circle of relatives waits for Rajesh in garden and informs that he were given a present for her and she or he need to be sporting it, so is a chunk late. Beni says even he were given a present for Vimlesh. Children funny story that papa and beni uncle gets their preferred dishes for a weak. Amma slaps Happu and asks why didn’t he convey her a present. He items her liquor bottle. Children taunt that he were given reasonably-priced present for daadi. Amma receives greater irritated. Rajesh and Vimlesh stroll to them sporting chania choli. Amma insists them for a dance. Vimlesh says she is aware of to make human beings dance. Amma asks her to make Beni dance then. Ranbir performs Pallo Latke.. song. They each dance. Kat notices her dream coming true.

At night, Happu receives romantic with Rajesh. Chamchi rushes to Rajesh and says she were given afraid. Rajesh asks if she noticed a nightmare. Chamchi says Kat noticed it and famous that Kat already dreamt approximately Rajesh and Vimlesh sporting equal chania choli and dancing in garden, which means Kat can foresee destiny. Happu doesn’t consider her and jokes. On the alternative side, Amma and Bapuji’s standard nok jhok begins offevolved. She warns him to go away as her temper is off. He asks why. She says their son talented a stunning chania choli to bahu, however he didn’t get her chania choli in his life. He says he could have died 15 years seeing her splendor and requests her to put on chania choli tomorrow. She shies. He receives romantic and asks her to kiss him. She asks to shut eyes and shouts to get out. Kat receives a dream of essential restricating her Hrithik.

Episode ends..


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