Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins with amma ingesting and telling dada ji that chamchi helps her within the residence. Rajjo brings happu there and asks amma if she got so grasping about mango, that she despatched him to scouse borrow. Dada ji says you stated that you have despatched chamchi. Amma says yes, i sent chamchi. Rajjo asks amma what is she saying? Amma asks happu to tell and tells that she had sent chamchi to steal the mangoes. Happu tells that he became stealing mangoes because of commissioner, fearing suspension. He says amma haven’t despatched me.

Rajjo says nobody can take any mango till i am there. Kat calls her neighbors and tells that she got one hundred out of one hundred marks. Kamlesh comes there and asks how did you get a hundred out of a hundred. Kat says you gave mango box to sir and that’s why i were given a hundred marks. Kamlesh thinks what to inform her. Kat asks did you deliver mango box to sir. Kamlesh says sure. Malaika comes there and says when it isn’t always stolen from home, then how did professor were given it. Kamlesh says i did. Malaika asks him to call professor. Kamlesh says professor is busy. Malaika asks him to call sir. Kamlesh calls professor. Kat asks did you get mango container? Professor says i was conscious all night and called him,

but his cellphone become out of coverage. Kat says kamlesh instructed that he gave you mango field and also you gave me a hundred marks. Professor says kamlesh is a joker and tells that he failed her in gk. Malaika runs behind kamlesh to conquer him. Amma talks to nargis mausi and laughs. Mausi says why she didn’t ask her to have tea and asks where is rajesh? Amma says she doesn’t realize. Mausi says your happu is slipping off your hand and asks her to manipulate him. She asks her to make her flavor mangoes. Amma says rajjo kept all of the mangoes bins as she is afraid approximately her health. Mausi says she had gone to dr. Udhas and he had informed her that her (amma) sugar isn’t multiplied. Amma says it is a conspiracy. She goes to dr. Udhas and reveals kela aam there. She asks what those mangoes are doing here? Dr. Udhas tells that rajjo had given him mangoes. Amma tells him that rajjo told her the whole thing that he modified the document.

Dr. Udhas agrees. Amma asks him to inform the purpose for converting the document. Dr. Udhas says in case you die due to surprise and heart assault then? Amma says your mom shall die due to heart assault. Dr. Udhas says she is already useless because of coronary heart attack. Amma asks him to inform why rajjo requested him to change the file. Dr. Udhas tells that rajjo didn’t need her to have fun with the mangoes sent by using atbeer mama. Amma says she is a witch. Dr. Udhas says you may die if she sucks your blood. Amma asks him to listen to her sayings and percentage her plan. Golmaal track performs…. Later amma calls happu and others. She says she is feeling like fainting. Rajjo says nothing can happen to amma. Amma tells that she is feeling like fainting since 2-three days. Ranbir says if dadi ate the mangoes and concealed the seeds. Chamchi says shall we search the seeds. Happu asks them to stand quietly. Rajjo asks happu if he made amma eat it. Happu says you locked it and asks how can i scouse borrow? Rajjo says this will’t happen due to mangoes. Amma says why?

Rajjo says this is one-of-a-kind. Hritik says take her to doctor. Dr. Udhas comes there. Happu asks how did you return to recognize that amma is ill. Amma says she has referred to as him right here. Rajjo asks him to check her. Dr. Udhas says it seems her time has came, rip. Happu asks him to check her. Dr. Udhas exams her and says she is ready to die and asks them to get remaining rites stuff with 30 percentage discount. Rajjo asks him to test well. Dr. Udhas says it seems she didn’t have proper meals. Rajjo says i’m able to bring mangoes. Happu says no. Rajjo tells that she had made plan with dr. Udhas to deprive amma from having mangoes and that’s why informed that her sugar is extended. She apologizes for her mistake. Amma asks her now not to cry and says nothing has occur to me. She says i worked on this plan to make bahu confess. Happu asks amma to peer the youngsters. Rajjo says she is very apologetic and could deliver mangoes. She brings mangoes. Amma eats the mangoes. Rajjo asks if it’s miles candy. Amma says it is sweet as you narrow it. She says sorry. Amma says i shall say sorry and says something. Rajjo cries and hugs her once more. Amma asks the children to have mangoes. Happu says he loves to see her having mangoes. Happu offers a field of mangoes to beni. All of them dance on the tune music mari entriyan…..

Precap: rajjo tells amma that dhoomar needs money for his bail. Happu says he don’t have cash. He tells amma that resham pal is doubtful on his levels.


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