Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The scene begins with Vimlesh advising Rajesh that Beni gifted her a sari. Rajesh inquires as to whether her significant other brought her gift without inquiring. Vimlesh says she got preparing from Rajesh and says she needed to drive him for present or, more than likely he won’t welcome her present on commemorations and birthday celebrations. Rajesh says Happu quit bringing presents for herself and at whatever point she requests gifts, he shows their 9 youngsters. Vimlesh says she should utilize her own lessons and draw Happu with her excellence to bring gifts. Rajesh goes to Happu, gets heartfelt, and says Beni gifted a sari to Vimlesh. Happu gets ready. She says even she needs a gift. He says he brings her gifts frequently. She says she needs it now. He denies. She says she needed hawai chappals. He says he will bring it around evening time and attempts to get heartfelt. She leaves tricking him. He figures he won’t bring her gift.

Beni washes garments in grass. Happu strolls to him and jokes. Beni says Vimlesh previously washed it once and he is rewashing. Happu inquires as to whether he gifted sari to Vimlesh. Beni clarifies what precisely occurred. Happu says Beni is eager to give gifts as he is recently hitched, yet he needs to keep up with everything; so Beni should remain quiet about his energy. Beni asks what did Rajesh inquire. Happu says Hawaii chappal which will fall on him later. Beni says he ought to think about it as a pay off to Rajesh for harmony at home. Happu concurs and commends that he became savvy after marriage.

Hritik talks about with Ranbir and Chamchi that they looked for snacks from daddy, yet because of their avarice they didn’t settle the score chips neglect frozen yogurt. Kat’s school peon strolls towards house with chief’s notification for Happu. Hrithik pays heed from him and says he will offer it to father. When peon leaves, Kamlesh comes to get Kat for school. Hrithik says they are late for school, so they can go on a lengthy drive. Kamlesh says they never miss school and study in school grounds. Kat enters wearing new hoops and shows them to Kamlesh. Kamlesh asks how could she get them. Kat says her companion gifted it. He asks not to take gifts from her companion once more. When they drive away, kids plan some naughtiness.

Vimlesh nail trims Amma. Rajesh says amma is fortunate to be served by 2 bahus. Amma says Rajesh is fortunate to have her sister close by to sass about her saas/MIL. Vimlesh says Amma is too cool and receptive saas. Rajesh says she looked for gift from Happu. Amma says she will take half of it. Rajesh says she asked Hawaii chappals, amma can wear in 1 foot and she will wear in another. Amma chides her for asking a little gift and demands her to asks something exorbitant, portraying how sly Happu’s dad was and never got any present for her. Vimlesh says daddy fouled up and shows Rajesh how to ask gift. Amma thinks new age bahus are exceptionally wise and not a numb-skull like her.

At police headquarters, Happu calls Manohar and requests rough cost from Hawaii chappals. Manohar says around 200-300 rs. Happu takes 500 rs from him. Manohar examines about Reshampal. Happu begins imitating and castigating about Reshampal. Reshampal enters and hears him. Happu turns and gets apprehensive seeing him. Reshampal orders him to remain at police headquarters till 8 p.m. furthermore, orders Manohar to not release him.

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