Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Happu hanging tight for Beni in kitchen recalls his days seeing Beni and Vimlesh’s sentiment. Beni returns and giving him 2000 rs requests that he bring pashmina wrap for Vimlesh. Happu says it costs 30000 rs. Beni is stunned to hear cost. Vimlesh says its exorbitant and thus selling like hot cake. Beni asks how might he get 30000 rs.

Happu requests to deny Vimlesh then, at that point. Beni says Vimlesh will rebuff him in the event that he doesn’t gift her and faults Happu. Happu says in the event that he had not offered gift to Vimlesh, Rajesh wouldn’t have requested cloak from him. Beni keeps smoldering. Happu requests to serve slick pashmina drink for him today. Beni runs behind to hit him. Happu gets back and advising what occurred at Beni’s home says he can bring presents for Rajesh entire life and keeps gloating. She requests jewel jewelry and plays Mujhe Naulaka Mangade Re.. tune. He says courageous woman requested numerous things in 1 tune. She shies and gets heartfelt.

Following day, Vimlesh serves Amma and gathers her gestures of recognition. Rajesh jokes she will be disappointed once she bears 9 youngsters. Amma chides her not to insult about her grandkids. Rajesh says she asked a gift from Happu. Vimlesh inquires as to whether she asked sari this time.

Rajesh says precious stone jewelry. Vimlesh is astonished and says even she will request jewel neckband from Beni. Amma says Beni doesn’t have such a lot of cash. Vimlesh says he has large chunk of change and it has a place with her. Amma says in case they were in her occasions, they would have helped her to request gift from her better half. Rajesh helps how to bait spouse and monitor him. Happu hears their discussion.

Kamlesh visits Kat as common through window. Kat begins talking. Ranbir messages to quit wasting time and talk with Kamlesh entire night after that. She requests gaming console, kitchen set, and karaoke box for her. He says he will and says he is kidding like her. She says she is not kidding as a kid under her arose and needs to play with every one of these. Kamlesh denies. She says she will ask another companion. He consents to bring each of the 3 presents for her from his dad’s cash.

Dadaji visits Amma when she is occupied appreciate alcohol not surprisingly. She inquires as to whether he at any point got a present for her throughout everyday life. He inquires as to for what reason is she stuck at gift. She says Happu brought chappals and pashmina cloak for Rajesh,

so he ought to take in it from Happu. Dadaji says there isn’t anything to gain from Happu. She says he doesn’t cherish her in this way, he never purchased expensive present for him. He says in the event that he had brought present for her, how might he had assembled this house. She keeps demanding him for a gift. He attempts to persuade her yet fizzles and leaves.

Precap: No precap.


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