Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with the children asking Amma to provide them meals. Happu comes inside. He hears children asking Amma to provide them meals. Amma says simply now you humans have meals. Hritik says they’re hungry. Happu asks Amma wherein is Rajjo, if meals isn’t always made? Amma says no. Happu asks her to make Aloo parathe. Amma refuses and says she took them out and that they have sufficient meals. Hritik tells approximately the meals gadgets he had eaten.

Happu asks if I will live hungry now. Amma says no, and asks him to make meals. Happu says he’s worn-out. Amma says Rajjo could be worn-out too and it’s far her first day of work, if she don’t make meals. Rajjo comes there and says hiya children. The children hug her and asks how is the primary day. Rajjo says well. Happu asks why she got here late? Rajjo says it became too crowded, I am so sorry. She says there has been many sufferers in hospital. Kat asks Rajjo to assist Mummy do the work.

Rajjo asks him to take a kick back tablet and says she can be able to visit kitchen and make meals in 2 mins. Happu says I can have meals in Beni’s residence. Amma says Beni is having meals outside, samosa and chaat pakodi. Rajjo asks Amma if it became much. Amma asks her now no longer to fear and says he’s tedha guy. She asks Rajjo to visit kitchen and feature samosa and rasgulla, and says I am now no longer his mother, if I don’t educate him a lesson.

Happu involves Beni’s residence and tells that Resham Pal had long gone to medical institution and noticed Rajjo there, because the nurse. Beni says I understand she is talented. Happu says Resham Pal stated that he heard Rajjo and Dr. Udhas backstage and became guffawing and doing something. Beni asks how are you going to pay attention one of these thing? Happu says she is having an affair with Dr. Udhas. Beni says I can’t pay attention something in opposition to her, and says she would possibly problem you, however she is having an awesome man or woman woman. He says if a person stated such matters for Vimlesh then I might have overwhelmed him much. Happu says Resham Pal has stated incorrect matters approximately Rajjo. Beni asks him to seize his collar and scold him, else I will do. Happu says ok, and says he’s going to damage him.

Later Beni refuses to do the work. Chamchi asks Beni to provide the tiffin to Mummy. Beni says I will deliver her tiffin. Ranbir says else we’d have bitch to Mausi. Beni asks them now no longer to problem him. Chamchi asks him to deliver icecream for them. Beni asks him to inform Vimlesh approximately it. Hritik calls Rajjo and says all of the best. Rajjo waits for Beni to come. Dr. Udhas praises Rajjo and says the vintage track suits you well. Rajjo scolds him. Dr. Udhas asks her now no longer to take anxiety and says I even have simply Udhasi in my heart. Rajjo asks him to consciousness at the work. Beni comes there and asks approximately Rajjo. Dr. Udhas asks him to provide him tiffin else he’s going to deliver him injections. Beni offers him tiffin. Dr. Udhas takes tiffin inside. Rajjo asks if Beni delivered this after which asks Udhas, why is he tickling her. She laughs. Beni runs farfar from there.

Happu tells Manohar that Resham Pal stated a lot in opposition to Rajjo. Manohar says he’s our senior. Happu says I will wash him. Manohar says you can’t say something to him. Resham Pal comes there and asks did you return back to understand? Happu scolds him for spreading faux rumors approximately Rajjo. He says I were given diamond like buddy who opened my eyes and requested me in no way to doubt her. Resham friend says anything I noticed, I informed you. Happu says there may be a dust to your mind,

my Rajjo isn’t always like that. Beni comes there calling Happu. He says Commissioner Saheb stated proper and tells approximately going to Clinic and seeing surprising thing. Happu asks what had happened. Beni says once I went there, I noticed Udhas going backstage after which I couldn’t prevent myself and ran farfar from there…Manohar says I can apprehend how you’re going through. Happu beats him. Resham Pal stops him. Manohar says I can apprehend. Resham Pal asks happu to move domestic and clear up the problem first. Beni takes Happu from there. Resham Pal tells Manohar that his spouse is insisting to grow to be nurse.

Kat calls Kamlesh as he’s taking selfie with a female. Kamlesh asks her to fulfill his new female buddy. Kat says she is your new buddy. Kamlesh says I am superstar and has such a lot of friends. The female asks him to pout and speak to him baby. Kat receives disillusioned and jealous. Kamlesh says she is jealous of his reputation and takes the female to have Momos.

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