Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins offevolved with Happu attempting act as busy over telecellsmartphone to keep away from Rajesh’s conversation. Rajesh throws his telecellsmartphone on mattress and warns to concentrate to her. He receives romantic and says he’s born to concentrate to her. She says health practitioner supplied her nurse task at his clinic. He says she have to serve him and his own circle of relatives and now no longer taking into account running outside. She insists. He concurs and needs bribe/romance. She says she wishes to stand up early day after today and rejects his request.

Next morning, Dadaji asks Amma to serve him candies as bahu/DIL goes for task for the primary time. Amma says she can be able to serve him liquor at night. Happu asks Amma if she is glad together along with her Bahu’s task. Amma says she can be able to proudly inform every person that her bahu is a nurse. Rajesh walks in sporting nurse’s attire. Whole own circle of relatives praises her get dressed and says looks as if its made for her. Happu falls for her splendor. Family teaches her the way to behave as a nurse. Happu hopes he falls unwell soon. Rajesh leaves for task.

Rajesh reaches health practitioner’s clinic. Doctor additionally falls for her splendor and attempts to flirt together along with her. She warns him to be in limits in any other case she can be able to ruin his bones. He asks what’s her plan. She says he have to act as having an affair together along with her. Commissioner Reshampal walks in with wrist sprain. Rajesh says their prey already arrived. Reshampal explains his trouble to health practitioner.

Rajesh coughs and garners his attention. Doctor asks her to get a warm bandage from inside. She walks in and tells health practitioner that she can’t discover bandage. Doctor walks in. She acts as romancing him. Reshampal leaves to tell Happu. Happu in police drams approximately Rajesh giving him injection rudely and repeats one extra. Manohar slaps and wakes him up. Reshampal walks in and informs that Rajesh became flirting with health practitioner and it need to be health practitioner who trapped her. Happu doesn’t agree with him. Reshampal describes entire story. Happu receives irritated.

Kat nervously bites her nails. Malaika jokes to use ketchup after which chunk nails. Kat informs that Kamlesh is ignoring her. Kamlesh walks in and suggests him a letter. She asks what’s it. He says he were given an commercial provide as a lead model, so he’s flying to Mumbai. She receives glad listening to that. He says he says he’ll tell every person that she is the purpose for his success. She receives extra glad. He says he’ll inform how she used to humiliate him and make contact with him useless,

he took it as a venture and have become a hit together along with his difficult work. Kat receives irritated and shoos him away. Next morning, Kamlesh meets Kat and says he’ll take her additionally to Mumbai. She receives excited. He asks her to maintain an umbrella over him as daylight is spoiling his skin. She obeys and asks which function she can be able to get in his ad. He says she could be his assistant and observe his orders. She scolds him and breaks her friendship with him.

Precap: Naina tells Chandana, you’ll must pick among me and Kajol di. Chandana maintains her hand on Naina’s hand. Kajol tells her, please maa. Baba already left me. If you furthermore mght depart me, then I can be by myself. Hearing that, Anurag is going to Kajol and says, you’ll by no means be by myself. I will by no means depart you. I pick you. Will you marry me? Kajol seems on in a shock.


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